Elvalonians reside in the territories that were once described as Fae Wilds. The term applies specifically to the people who reside within the "Kith" kingdom, but of late has been applied to both Kith and Kin.

Naming Traditions

Other names

Names; be it Family, Masculine, Feminine, Unisex, etc; are drawn from Celtic, Scottish, and Irish origins.


Major language groups and dialects

Sylvan - Seelie  Sylvan - Unseelie Sylvan - Common Common

Art & Architecture

Wood is prominent in the art and architecture of the Alvalonian people. Stone, if used, is kept to a minimum to accentuate a piece rather than be the focal point. The exception to this rule of stone lies with their fortified structures and capitol buildings. Often, dwarves are contracted to draw the stone from the earth while Avalonian artisans work the stone themselves into flowing structures that compliment the surrounding city.   Vibrant colors derived from pigments drawn from local flora are prominent in most works, used to give life to building, painting, and carvings alike.


Gender Ideals

Those of both the Kith and Kin kingdom, being so intrinsically linked together, possess similar ideals.¬†   While men often take the more physically intensive jobs, such as soldiers, labor, and animal husbandry; women take the more intellectually intensive jobs, such as teaching, artisan work, and city planning. However, sex and gender do not determine career paths as much as personality. Ultimately, the gender roles are a reflection of the Titania-Oberon dynamic that has prevailed for centuries. Those who are more suited for the protection and growth of the kingdom take on the more "masculine" roles other countries apply, while those who are more suited to the everyday running and keeping of the kingdom take on the more "feminine" roles other countries apply.

Courtship Ideals

It is not uncommon for men or women to begin courting. However, the Evalonian treat flirting as a game or competition, likely stemming from the nobility's use of games and contests to chose spouses from a group of suitors.

Relationship Ideals

The ideal relationship for an Avalonian brings balance to the household. Someone to tend to the family's growth and prosperity at home, another to brave the world and bring back the means to protect and grow the family. Love and affection are not always factors in relationships, particularly among the higher classes. Nobles are expected to be examples of the ideals.


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