Peoples originating from the kingdom of Agaland sport a most unusual mix of characteristics. Like most of their neighbors, they sport a majority of Light Medium Almond skin and medium hair tones. However, there was a distinct lack of the Fae features sported in sistering countries until Elvalon was absorbed. Humans primarily populate the country with many obviously Fae blooded individuals in hiding or enslaved.


Funerary and Memorial customs

Death is viewed as a journey by the Agalish people. Upon death, the body is taken as quickly as possible to the church mortuary, where they are laid out upon a stone table and covered in a white shroud. Priests stand guard over the deceased from sun down to sun up, driving away dark spirits. Favored possessions are placed around the deceased to comfort the spirit trapped within the cold shell. Warriors who have not left their weapons and armor to their descendants have these items placed beside them during the funeral services. Any trophies are also placed with them.   Relatives of the dead spend a day in mourning their loved one, placing flowers on and around them. At sunset the day after their death, the body is taken to the graveyard to be buried or the family mausoleum. If the body could be recovered to mourn, such as a warrior dying on the battlefield or a ship lost at sea, a wooden dummy is used in their place, including being buried. As the decedent is placed in their resting place, the priest recites the funeral rites, releasing the spirit from the mortal shell. It is believed that with the stand in present, the prayers reach the lost descendant, for Myrada could not be so cruel as to deny a lost loved one freedom to the afterlife.    In the afterlife, souls are said to rest in Myrada's golden halls, performing their duties in life in her realm. Soldiers defend against dark spirits and those unworthy of her radiance. Nobility and kings rule the various expanses of souls, guiding them in their daily activities. Farmers grow crops and raise animals for the feasts held for the people daily. No one ever suffers or is left for want in her hallowed halls.

Common Taboos

Same sex marriage is illegal and a punishable offense. Interspecies relationships are frowned upon, but use of slaves for carnal reasons are easily overlooked based on station. A Commoner can get away with this easier (and cheaper) than a nobleman,  Cremation and funeral pyres are expressly forbidden in the religion. It is viewed as a cruel thing to do. Cremation is believed to cause the spirit to experience terrible pain and agony, corrupting them with hatred and a lust for vengeance on the living.
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