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The Life of Igar Ka

The divine champion Igar Ka is still celebrated within The Uhlmor as the warrior who held back the wrath of giants.


16952 BE 16935 BE

The childhood of an Uhlmor begins with birth and ends with the completion of the Shaath.

  • -16952 BE

    42 Ghara

    Life, Birth

    The birth of Igar Ka marked the beginning of the end of the oppression of the Uhlmor.

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    Igar Ka
  • -16935 BE

    72 Ghara
    -16935 BE

    4 Krusmera

    Life, Milestone

    The shaath is a coming of age rite within the Uhlmor culture where the familiar unit will take their 17 year old children on their first hunt.

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Yuoung Adulthood

16934 BE 16907 BE

  • -16910 BE

    63 Miarus

    Death of Parents
    Life, Death