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University of Silvenora


The University of Silvenora is separated into five rankings. The first three rankings allow for two separate, yet equal, paths. The last two are the higher ranks of the university and can provide a plethora of benefits and responsibility.

Rank One:

Renown of 3 or higher with the University of Silvenora.
The first rank is divided into two paths, depending on if the member of the esteemed institution is student or a faculty member.
The first rank for those who decide to study with the school is Undergraduate. The undergraduate rank is the beginning of the highest form of arcane education and a continuation for those who have passed the "APE", or Arcane Proficiency Exam. The APE is a form of exam made to test the extent of arcane prowess in an individual as well as mental fortitude and ability to adapt to changing situations.

The second path on for the first rank is that of a Professors Assistant. These faulty members aid the university professors with outside research and learn under them in a sort of apprentice-like relationship.

Rank Two:

Renown 10 or higher with the University of Silvenora.


Rank Three:

Renown of 25 or higher with the University of Silvenora.

University Professor

Rank Four:

Renown 50 or higher with the University of Silvenora.


Renown of 100 or higher with the University of Silvenora. The Chancellor is the head of the entire university and


Although slightly pompous, the students within the university are generally a hardworking and curious crowd. The curriculum emphasizes a strong moral compass surrounding research and heavily punishes those who falsify information. The various field research opportunities given to the students enable them to explore avenues of interest, yet the desire to discover leads a wide array of selfish students. This, in turn, can sometimes lead to narcissism within the student body.
As for intrapersonal relationships, the students tend to get along as strangers do, some vying to climb above the rest. Within the air seems to be a sense of dignity and pride as one of them may be the next Chancellor or Archmage of the Council of Six.

Public Agenda

The University although not always transparent with their deeds, interact with the public indirectly. Not to be confused with any shyness, the institution prefers to showcase their abilities in grandiose parades and museum exhibitions. Every ruin found is celebrated by private cocktail parties, every artifact carefully shown through new exhibits and in the rare event of a finding of bones there are entire lifetimes recreated.

The Ael'ithi Museum

The various museum exhibits are to involve the public with the institution and to garner a sort of respect and rank within the city's elite. Some of the lesser important items are bid upon in private auctions, where the bourgeoise are seen mingling.
The Ael'ithi Museum has a long standing relationship with the university and a favorable partnership.


The University holds many assets. The varying amount of magical items brought back from field research or gifted by the Aufsnaut University has created a mini arsenal of their own. One such item, was a retired weapon of a champion of Krusmera. With the help of Aufsnaut, the power of the Goddess of Fire was harnessed, creating a system powerful enough to provide Arcanium to the entirety of Silvenora.


One of the shining examples of the Institutions architecture is the famed purple hall. In the year -1158 there was a large fire which burned down the majority of the library; The purple hall, by some miraculous deed was able to survive the blaze. Since then, the hall has been used for the utmost important events such as inaugurations, graduations, annointments, etc.

The character purple stained glass is the icon of the university, with the symbol of status proudly displayed for those to see. The glass shines bright with the midday sun, encompassing the room with a ghostly purple. The typical white stone of Silvenora is a dull yellow hue with age and covered in fading mosaic tiles on the floor. The tiles are patterned with matching greens and purples, leading to a large mosaic in the front-back of the chamber hall. The mosaic depicts the arcane schools in a glass-like tile.
Long, bronze chandeliers hang throughout the hall and connect to the ribbed vaulted ceiling. The candles burn continuously as the the keepers of the hall see to the room every hour of the day and every day of the year.

Demography and Population

The racial makeup of the university is dependent on the prowess of those who apply. It should be noted, however, that the majority of those who make it into the University of Silvenora are High-Elf. Whether or not it is bias on account of the institution, a unfair advantage of those who were born within the city of Silvenora or on connections is unknown. What is known, is that the cream of the scientific crop attend this institution.

Foreign Relations

The University of Silvenora enjoys a positive relationship with Universities around the globe.
Nicknamed "The Kings Jewel" the Aufsnaut University of Bahl Torum is the premier Throzmuri Kingdom. Oftentimes, the University of Silvenora will facilitate field research with the Aufsnaut students. While both institutions carry heavy influence within the world of the Arcane, they also emphasize different specialties. The students of Aufsnaut practice more with tinkerers tools than swords, preferring to use their wits to create machinations and dangerous alchemy. 
The University of Silvenora also enjoys a positive relationship directly with the I'll Dorei. The councilmember Vamenor often tours the university to maintain repour and discuss funding. While a private institution, the Magocracy is known to have a small hand in the upkeep of the institution; after all, the Magocracy's continued survival relies on the creation of powerful mages.

The Truth in Knowledge, We Trust

Worship Within the University

Although the University itself prefers to worship scientific fact, there is a old church within the grounds which is still in use today. Before the foundation of the I'll Dorei, the students of the University were encouraged to worship the Demigoddess of Time, Etris as well as the God of Spatial Arrangement, Galdos. One outlier, however is the God Edhite & Dhuarus who although is the manifestation of Knowledge, also embodies luck.
Luck is taught within the curriculum as a frivolous idea, meant only to be used as an excuse for those who lack knowledge. Time and Space, on the other hand, are taught as tenants of the Arcane. The power which lie within each are vast and the knowledge untapped.
Founding Date
Educational, University
Leader Title
Government System
Power Structure
Semi-autonomous area
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