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Ty'l Anore

Positioned ideally on the Kinderland Strand, sitting between major foreign trade partners, is the port city of Ty'l Anore. The city arose after the coalition of Elves, as firstly a small village. The city exploded with trade, collecting immigrants from around the world within its walls. 

A Nautical Economy


The Council and The Governor


The city itself sits within the Brentwell Prairie, which is known for its large Halfling population. However, due to the city's coastal location, there tends to be inhabitants from all over the world. Ships from the Throzmuri Kingdom bring mostly humans, dwarves, dragonborn, and gnomes, while ships coming from the Dalsheikh Peninsula tend to bring only visitors of the human, lizardfolk and triton kind.   Although the Il'Dorei Council sits as the political figurehead for the Magocracy, the towns and cities around the magocracy are looked after by their governers. In Ty'l Anore the Governer, formally known as the Governor of Ty'l Anore, manages the city more closely. Although the Governer, Welree Odine, holds the legislative power for the city, there are still a multitude of wealthier denizens who control the flow of imports and exports.   The Governer sits atop the power structure, yet the truly wealthty are the three most trade-involved families. The House of Wilror, headed by Conric, controls the vast majority of shipping. The family personally owns half the harbor and ships, rivaling the Arcane Navy.   While the upper class controls the trade within the city, the majority of the cities citizens belong to the middle and lower class. The middle class consists of the vendors and traders who have made businesses in the city. The middle clas


Land-based taxation


Surrounding the shanty town is a wall of medium proportion, with ornately adorned bastions fixed on propotionate angles. The city itself has rarely had to deal with land-based aggravators, however the wall was still installed. On the oceanfront, however, the Arcane Navy boasts the largest naval force on the continent. The I'll Dorei Navy would be rivaled only by the Dalsheikh coalition, if they ever chose to create a unitary government.

Industry & Trade

Directly to the West of Ty'l Anore is the Brentwell Prairie. The prairie itself is the agricultural heart of the I'll Dorei Magocracy


the port itself large stable at the land entrance of the city, the trade is brought from the ships on wagons to the main entrance. the port bazaar grain elevators in the port


There are various stores throughout the city but the Bazaar, located in the port district, has the more divese range of purchasables in the city. Due to the Bazaars location in a major port town, the open air marketplace see's an assortment of items from across Idune. Mystical fruits from the Dalsheikh Jungle and odd trinkets from Dwarven ruins can be found here.

Guilds and Factions

Farmers guild sailors guild


Window on the Past by Thomas Shotter Boys
The architecture of Ty'l Anore is made mostly of the local stone with lead lined window panes. The Cherry Orchard, the largest inner district, has quite plain buildings. Instead, the district takes its originality from the characteristic trees. During the summer, the trees remain their crimson red color, turn to a gold and eventually fall off inn the winter.   The facades of the port buildings are often painted red or yellow with natural and white accents. The orange clay roofs help to deter the sun and salty air. The breeze from the Doram Ocean often flows through the open windows, alleyways and hanging fabrics.   Further into the city, you'll find Fisk Place, a mainly residential sector of the city. These less traversed streets are home to the many middle-class denizens of the city.    Meadow's Landing is home to the lower and working-class citizens of Ty'l Anore. The combination of squalor and cheap pricing makes it appealing to visitors who have less gold to offer and the perfect victims of the districs crime lords and gangsters.   Izmus' Gate serves as the home to the more noble denizens of the city. The colorful facades, candlelit streets and well-dressed citizens line the streets.   Narrow Hook is a middle-class neighborhood, it's charactiristically green, with multiple parks and tree lined sidewalks. The residents here choose to live an aesthetically rural lifestyle inside the greater Ty'l Anore area. Many of the cities apothecaries or medicinal supplies can be found here.   Lastly, the Arcane Port is home to the I'll Dorei Navy, also known as the Arcane Navy. The barracks, jail and city armory resides here.

Natural Resources

Grain and meats from the surrounding farmland, mostly raw goods from the agricultural lands surrounding the city. There is a large fish market for fishing


  • Ty'l Anore
Founding Date
Large city
Approximately 60,000
Inhabitant Demonym
The Anore
Location under
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization


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