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The Continent of Nereshi


The Nereshian Continent is small on the global scale, yet incredibly biologically diverse.
The Northern most island is known as Ei'loth Island, which houses a humid and dense atmosphere. The volcanic activity on the Northern coast and center mountain range create vast waves of steam. This steam is picked up by the winds and carried throughout the island and surrounding waters. The moisture within the dense air not only obscures the vision of those traveling nearby but also deposits rich minerals from the volcanic activity onto the surrounding jungle. This volcanic fertilization leads to a strange amount of carnivorous flora...
The Green Isle is located directly North of the main island Nereshi and consists of three large islands. This group of islands is known for its jutting and steep cliffs. The isle is rarely visited by tourists.
The main island of Nereshi is known for much, but the Ssine know it as "home." The thick and vastly unexplored jungle of Nereshian mainland is steeped in mystery and forgotten architecture. The area surrounding the largest lake and river are relatively explored, but often see strange species wander into urban settings out of curiosity.
The main river acts as the road within the continent as a roadway, as the roads are normally flooded during the winter months.

Ecosystem Cycles

Due to its tropical nature, the island continent of Nereshi stays relatively warm year round.
During the summer month of Ghara, the continent experiences heat waves, which thicken the air into a dense and humid presence. The summer month is known for the great Eisothh migration, which begins around the first week of Ghara. The Eisothh use the dense summer air to migrate from their perches on The Green Isle to the main continent of Nereshi in the Ouss Range. The naturally rocky Green Isle is matched only with the rocky and lush peaks of the continental range.
The fall month of Krusmera is characteristically linked with the blossoming of the grape trees which grow on the southern islands around the white bay. Mysteriously, the water around these islands are saltier than the average salt water body. The grapes of these trees are used to make Ssinian Wine, which is prized by the high society of the Magocracy and the Throzmuri Kingdom. The saltiness of the surrounding water is drank by these grapes, producing a characteristically salty and earthen wine.
The winter month of Izmus is known for it's flooding season. The coincidence of the God of the Ocean, Izmus, being responsible for the waters of the world is not missed by the local population. For this reason, Izmus is by far the most disliked God on the continent. The floods are responsible for a multitude of deaths and loss of property, goods and especially roads. Although this phenomena can lead to loss, the flood waters move the dirt from the various butterfly species' chrysalises to allow them to make their yearly appearance. 
The spring month of Miarus brings the sweet winds from the Eastern continent of Oqora. Large spores from the Ouss Range are carried to the Western side of the continent of Oqora. These spores take seed in the small portion of land blocked off by a colossus mountain range and subsequently cut off from the remainder of Oqora.

Fauna & Flora

Among the various species which inhabit the continent, the most delicate are arguably the various forms of butterflies which inahbit the region around the largest lake of the continent. Located within the Southern part of the island of Nereshi, the chrysalises burst during the winter month of Izmus and flood the skies with various colors. These little friends drink the nectar of the various flowers around the lake and as they spread out through the first three weeks of the month, share the pollen which collects on their wings. The jungles of Nereshi are too humid for most species of bees, so the pollination period heavily relies on the butterfly population.
The Eisothh are a large species of flying, working animal. They naturally inhabit the Green Isle but migrate to the Ouss Range every summer to breed. The eggs of the large birds are often sought by the Ssine.

Natural Resources

The abundance of vines within the jungles of the main island of Nereshi are used for a multitude of purposes. The vines are able to be woven into blankets, rugs, beddings, etc. by boiling the cut vines. The boiled vines will produce a fiber similar to spider silk and thus able to be spun. The vines are able to be dyed and formed into different patterns and mosaics. The Ssine, the ruling ethnicity of the continent, tend to tell their history through blanket weaving which showcases their history visually. 
The dye used with the silk vines come from the local flowers, with their almost unlimited amount of color options.


  • The Continent of Nereshi
    The tropical and vastly unexplored continent of Nereshi and it's surrounding island chains have long been a subject of mystery and luxury goods.
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