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The white stone streets of Silvenora sit on the Alinar Range at the edge of the Selenar Wood. The blue spired tops of the buildings reach far into the sky, mimicking the mountains behind the city. From afar, the pearlescent walls seems extra-planar, shining against the mountain beneath. Upon entering the city, the gold detailed buildings, lush parks, winding river and bustle bring the city to life.

The Districts

The city of Silvenora consists of several different districts, each with their own unique style and personality.


Southbank is the largest of the districts and holds a majority of the population of the city. The district is characterized mainly by its slate pathways and entangling vines. Among the various inhabitants are a slew of different entertainment and debauchery. For every elven smithy there is said to be two taverns on the same street. Some of the more famous taverns include The Shephard and Mug, known to host travelers from around the continent, and The Broken Thorn which is run by the sibling of the smithy owner next door.
  Other notable shops within Southbank include a chemists laboratory named Sane's Marvelous Tinctures. The shop is run by a high elf named Sane who, after multiple arrests for "unlawful material production and consumption," seems to be taking it easy as of late. The shop stands out from the marble and slate of the rest of the city with its large and shining crystalline structure. Despite this, the laboratory sits tucked comfortably between two neighboring buildings, receeding slightly into the facade and only truly visible when directly in front of it.
  In the top right corner of Southbank sits the Council Seat, otherwise known as just "the seat." The five major roads of Silvenora lead to the seat and subsequently the Temple Majorum.
While the seat acts as the civil heart of the city, influencing the regions of the Il'l Dorei, the Temple Majorum is the religious voice of the city. The major goddess of the Silvenora has always been Krusmera. For as long as the high elves have been around, so too has their devotion to the goddess of the sun.   The temple was built thousands of years ago when the city of Silvenora was first founded. The original temple sits deep under the ground and is only accessible through rank in the church or special permission. It is believed that the church hosts is private library and reliquery in the ruins of the temple.   The level above the original ruins houses the clerics and attendees of the temple. The living quarters are lit by the eternal column and the veins which extend outward.   The top and final level is that which is open to the public. The temple is situated with a central floor plan. At the center of the temple stands the Eternal Column with two minor additions flanking its left and right side. The column was given its name as it is believed that the column holds the light which birthed the first high elf. From the center extends a red stone staircase, and onto the main floor which contains intricate tables meant for offerings to the Goddess Krusmera.


The city consists mainly of High Elves, from across the magocracy, as well as halflings and spattering's of other races.


The governing body is the Council of Six. The six Archmages which sit on the council include High Archmage Merellion Vamenor, Avian , Elion Yelthyra and Camus Yelthyra, Archmage Elesha Ottery and Careth Zolra.
  Within the center of the city lies the beating heart of the Magocracy. The Council Hall is fed by government officials flowing from every street into the bustling, slick halls.


Being the seat of power for the Magocracy, Silvenora is one of the most heavily guarded places within the I'll Dorei. Infrastructure wise, there are large battlements resting upon a tall, heavily fortified marble and adamantine wall. The walls themselves encompass the entirety of the city with the exception of a handful of buildings outside of the wall. The battlements include a multitude of weaponry and defenses. Within these battlements are heavy artillary which carry six to seven foot arcane bolts. 
  The lower portion of the city is able to be cut off from the noth by means of disabling the single bridge which sits above a bisecting river. The river itself is dangeous to traverse, with the bridge being the only realatively safe option for crossing. 
  The most aggressive and personable portion of the defenses, however, is arguably the military itself. Right beside the Golden Palace are the barracks of the Griffon Riders, highly trained heavy cavalry. Much like the city guard patrol the streets of Silvenora, the riders frequently patrol the airways. Furthermore, the riders also patrol Elaithian Harbor, checking incoming and departing ships for illegal activity and suspicious persons.
    Similarly to the riders in ways is the Arcane Navy's aerial division. While the Magocracy has a large naval presence, the need for airships in war has yet to expand to the need of a seperate divison. Thus, the 'airforce' is just considered a seperate branch of the Arcane Navy.

Industry & Trade

With Silvenora being the political center and largest city of the I'll Dorei, the size of the markets and trade centers rival even the Dwarven Fortresses to the North. With the center of the governent being based almost solely on magical prowess, it's no surprise that the main export of the city is magical goods and wizards. With the University of Silvenora being in the center of the city, it attracts not only a lot of tourist attraction but educational as well. Aspiring students from around the continent aspire to join the university and to study under the reknowned profesors. The money they bring in and the donations recieved help to fund the many ventures and excursions to various parts of the continent. The drive for arcane knowledge has traveled the continent, with student excursions bringing back priceless, rare artifacts. Most of which, are stored within the Ael'ith Museum.  
  Silvenora imports most of it's raw goods and partially manufactured items from the surrounding Brentwell Prairie, Alinar Range and Selenar Wood, turning them into finely crafted pieces.


There are a multitude of differing shops and inns throughout the city.


The buildings of the city are made mainly of marble found in the Alinar range and adorned with gold, creating a shine as the sun hits the city. Due to the gold platings, the city can be seen miles in the distance, as a beacon of hope to many who remember the wars.


Silvenora sits on the bottom of the Alinar Range and the edge of the Selenar Wood. The large oak trees of the forest give way to the climbing mountain side, on which the city sits at the base.

Natural Resources

Some say that the city sits on a lay-line, others say that ancient civilizations of power magics are buried beneath. Either way, the city itself seems to be a font of magical power.


  • Silvenora
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The White City
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