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Na'athlion (Nah-th-lee-on)


As a result of being the capitol of the old Na'ath Empire, the citizens of the city tend towards the Drow lineage. Although the majority of the population is Drow, there is also a strong abyssal minority. Since becomming part of the I'll Dorei Magocracy, there has been a small immigration of other races, namely tiefling, but also encompassing some elemental and extraplanar born.
As is with most other cities, Na'athlion has its wealthier and less fortunate wards. The Golethri District is, for the most part, purely residential. This district encompasses a wide variety of financial classes with the majority being the wide middle-class. Home to some of the more "plain" housing choices, the natural Alinar Stone. work in progress...


The local government is overseen by the Archmage Careth Zolra. Although belonging to the higher government of the land, Careth looks after the city in its overall state.
work in progres...


Being within the heart of the Southern Alinar Range and deep within the ground, the need for aerial and naval defence is zero to none. However, being this deep underground, abominations from the underdark and evil abberrations lurk within the caves waiting to take advantage of those who wander too deep. The expansive cave system can be accessed from various tunnels which intersect each district and open up in unexpected ways. This leaves a soft spot within the defences of Na'athlion, which is otherwise only accessable through the Dark Gate. On the other hand, these various openings are only available through the largely unmapped caverns which populate the Southern Alinar Range.

Industry & Trade

A large part of the trade within the city consists of local designers, craftsman and the like.
Exported from the city, in large quantities, are various sorts of different fungi. The uses of these common, and sometimes strange plants, range from medicinal to poisonous in nature. Known for their poisons, the Drow produce some of the most powerful tinctures in Idune. The positions made within the alchemical labs are strange in nature, with the recipes if long forgotten kin passed down from one alchemical practitioner to the next. With that being said, the vast knowledge within the Na'ath doesn't only extend to their poisons. The healing potions within the city themselves tend to be stronger than the rest of the surrounding empire. This makes the alchemical labs within the city more important to the magocracy and attracts the attention of the council of 6 as well as the arcane Navy, for the skills and experience the denizens of the city can provide towards furthering the empires agenda, whatever that may be.
As for imports, the city itself must take in a plethora of different items and trinkets. Due to the nature of the city being deep within the Alinar Range, access can sometimes prove to be a problem.


Above the City

Above the city, through more winding caverns, is a staircase which leads to the city's only easy access to the outside world. Deep inside one of the valleys of the Southern Alinar Range sits a small tower, lit by an eternally fueled flame. This tower acts as the docking station for blimps and airships. While there is no yard to house the airships, the specially built tethers hold the ships to large crystals which protrude from the ground, acting as anchors. The station is reached through a tunnel in the southern portion of the city. A small cart resembling a mining cart lifts those who use it into the valley of the Alinar Range. Work in Progress...

Street Level

Two bridges connect the bisected city... work in progress The many districts... work in progress

The Intestines

While there are no official shipyards, there are a few docks which hang from the underbelly of Na'athlion. The normally decorative streets, lined with statues of unknown figures and exotic beats, eventually give way to staircases which lead down into the catacombs of the city. These catacombs hold host to a multitude of housing, shops, secrets and unexplored caverns. Work in progress...


The Yel'Othra District

The main district of the city, encompassing most of the common shops and entertainment. Upon entering the city, tourists and locals must first pass through the Dark Gate, which leads directly into the Yel'Othra District. The city of Na'athlion itself is built into a partially natural and partially excavated cavern, which opens from the narrow and easily fortified city gate to the most elevated portion of the city. Even from the entrance, onlookers can view the city in its entirety from just outside of the Dark Gate. The most prominent shops found in the Yel'Othra District are  Finy's Mystical Amrory, ... need more with Eil'Ans Mystical Stables sitting right outside the Dark Gate.

Re'tlanth Shopping District

The posh, market district of Re'tlanth serves a variety of tourist and local luxury needs.


The Black Cathedral, the home to the Undying Archmage Careth Zolra.


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