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Igthys’s Influence


Divine Relationships


Worshipping Igthys


Igthys’s Champions

Suggested Classes:
Suggested Cleric Domains:
Suggested Backgrounds:  

Igthys's Favor


Devotion to Igthys


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score with Igthys when you expand her influence throughout the world in concrete ways such as these:     Your piety score to Igthys decreases if you diminish her influence in the world or do any of these:    

Igthys's Devotee

Piety 3+ Igthys’s Trait

Igthys's Votary

Piety 10+ Igthys's Trait

Igthys's Disciple

Piety 25+ Igthys's Trait

Champion of the Hunt

Piety 50+ Igthys's Trait
You can increase your [ability] or [ability] score by 2 and also increase your maximum for that score by 2.

Divine Domains

Goddess of the Hunt

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A white dragons head
Divine Classification

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