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Igar Ka

(possible gore TW)

The divine champion Igar Ka is still celebrated within The Uhlmor as the warrior who held back the wrath of stone giants.

The Life of Igar Ka

Igar was born to two loving parents. His father, Anuth, was an aloof man who preferred the joys of song and sewing to hunting. He was one of few who mastered the art of the Uhlmor throat singing, choosing to share the tradition with his song. Igar's mother was opposingly good with a bow and arrow along with the fine craft of bone carving. She took time before sleeping each night to teach Igar these traditional methods. As opposite as his parents seemed, they taught Igar a wide range of skills. The combination of these skills allowed him to think outside of the box, which usually lend a hand to him getting into trouble.   The morality of The Goddess Igthys was preached to him. Igar was born into a culture which respected the balance of nature and the harmony of the choices of the races for which they all shared common ground on Eldrais. As is with all Uhlmor, the strong belief of peace and prosperity was one which permeated every aspect of life.


The childhood of Igar Ka was spent as any other Uhlmor child, learning to hunt, sew, ride a horse and hold a bow. Sadly, the young warrior was ostracized for his mind. He spent the majority of his time with his parents, so socializing came as a difficult skill to master. He became quite the recluse, preferring the smaller animals of the meadow to his fellow children. This changed gradually as he began to socialize himself throughout his life. However, the perils of childhood soon sank in as Igar found himself more ostracized than the rest.

Young Adulthood

when he was 28, the village came under attack. Igar not only lost his parents but half the village as well. The stone giants which attacked from the Kralmire Highlands. The caves which with they dwell have normally sustained the giants. Rarely have they ever ventured far from their homes and never have they led an offensive. Because of this reason, the Uhlmor were sorely unprepared for the carnage which would occur.   Igar watched his parents and many of the warriors of his village pass or be taken during the attack. Somehow Igar was able to stow away, hiding his little brother with him. But, as the village was ruined and his life seemed over, the young warrior brewed upon the hatred within his soul.   The idea of revenge killing within the church of Igthy's is by all accounts forbidden, making his actions heretic. However, the young warrior dared not show weakness at a moment such as this. For days he plotted; the faces with who joined him numbered any. After five long days, the warrior was able to enact his revenge.   Late within the night on an Izmus morning, the fighters of the Uhlmor snuck into the caves of the giants. The slaughter was gruesome and lasted the entire night, but those who were taken were brought back safely. Igar was successful in his revenge but at the cost of his relationship with The Goddess. 

Later Years

Igar lived out the final years of his life within the Uhlmor, eventually falling in love and having two daughters. The older he got the more he found he was ready for a life of peace and quiet. And, although he was never able to repent for the deed that he did that one fatal Izmus night, he is unaware that Igthys blessed the souls of his daughters as both a thank you and an apology for repenting Igar's.    Igar eventually passed away, and quite ironically died while hunting. While out on Al'acke, the elk was not quite able to outrun his steed. He was thrown from his horse and trampled within the waters of the river. The Uhlmor as a tribute to the great warrior the River was named the Igar Ka, and a festival of hope is practiced the day of his death.

His Portrait

Portrait of a young Igar Ka on Shaath.

His Home

Current Status
Date of Birth
42 of Ghara, -16952 BE
Date of Death
27 of Miarus, -17026 BE
16952 BE 17026 BE -74 years old
Il'An Meadow
Place of Death
Igar Ka River
Bright hazel
Medium, brown & curly
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned & tattooed
178 lbs
The Goddess Igthys

Cover image: brown leather by Felipe Santana


16952 BE 16935 BE

The childhood of an Uhlmor begins with birth and ends with the completion of the Shaath.

  • -16952 BE

    42 Ghara

    Life, Birth

    The birth of Igar Ka marked the beginning of the end of the oppression of the Uhlmor.

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    Igar Ka
  • -16935 BE

    72 Ghara
    -16935 BE

    4 Krusmera

    Life, Milestone

    The shaath is a coming of age rite within the Uhlmor culture where the familiar unit will take their 17 year old children on their first hunt.

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Yuoung Adulthood

16934 BE 16907 BE

  • -16910 BE

    63 Miarus

    Death of Parents
    Life, Death


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