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Consisting of mostly Halfling and Elven humanoids, these laidback folk tend towards agricultural pursuits. The surrounding prairie offers perfect land for farmers and agricultural guilds. While there are some denizens who are better off than others, those who reside in Eldham tend to be relatively equal although better off than those in the surrounding prairie.


The local government is community orientated, with no singular head of the town. For the most part, the greater surrounding population determines the important goings-on through democratic voting systems.
This has changed more recently with the recent expansion of the Farmers Guild, run by the wood elf named Theaelo Ultan.


Situated well within the Brentwell Prairie, the village of Eldham doesn't need to worry about invading countries or military units. However, the weather and local fauna do pose certain trouble.

Industry & Trade

Due to it's location within the Magocracy, the village of Eldham, although relatively small, is a bustling place. Beginning with the harvests in mid to late Krusmera, the village fills with various trader carts, smaller cargo ships sail up the river into Brooksby lake and individual citizens come to purchase the summer goods. This influx of merchants and tradespeople brings thousands to Eldham's doorstep, increasing the village's occupancy from a measly 2,000 to upwards of 5,000 at a given time. During this time, the farmers of the prairie also flood the village to sell their wares. As the village grew, the occupancy of the Inns and Taverns overflowed, resulting in pop-up cities on the Northwestern side of the village. This positioning seperated the sometimes rowdy sailors from the more posh merchants while still giving access to the road to Silvenora, Na'athlion and Ty'l Anore. 
Outsie of the Krusmera festival, the village of Eldham 


Various styles of watermills dot the surrounding lake. Some are attached to


The architecture within Eldham remains quite uniform, with the odd building or two sticking out. The majority of the houses and shoppes in the village are built upon a cobblestone road, which melds into the foundations of the buildings. This cobblestone foundation stops about halfway up the first floor of the buildings and turns into a white stucco facade. Dark oaken planks support the stucco every foot or so, creating a multitude of patterns across the busy streets. Various banners hang from buildings, advertising the Krusmera harvest. There are matching dark oaken signs with painted pictures and scripture across a few buildings which are affixed above door frames. The buildings typically don't get higher than three floors, with some basements. 
There are large chimney stacks which dot the dragonscale-style hipped roofs. The roofs themselves are decorated with various finnials and the occasional red or yellow flag. Large lead lined windows adorn the sides of buildings, with various dark oak shutters. The sun, especially in the summer time, shines through the windows and creates a sheen glare. 
    The streets themselves are relatively bare of trees, however, they are dotted with weeds and vines which sprout from the cracks in the cobblestone. A few flags fly from building to building as the strings of colorful fabric hang adjacent to clothing lines. Below the various fabrics lie the occasional bench. 
Every now and then the streets will be broken by an open air market. Small, medium and large booths fill the squares, often surrounding a small fountain, with various patterened coverings. The stalls sell a variety of items, with the most common being food, both raw and worked, as well as agricultural byproducts.


The geography of the surrounding prairie is tall flowers and even longer grass, which tends to hide the smaller halflings. Behind the rolling hills of the prairie and stretching far into the sky, the Southern Alinar range kisses the horizon with its snow capped peaks.
The city itself sits on Brooksby lake, whose lapping waves provide, relatively, fresh water to the village. For centuries, the people of Eldham have relied on the lake for its plentiful fresh water, ease of travel and food source. Although the people of Eldham live within the agricultural center of the continent, the citizens eat an abundance of trout cought within the lake, and even have certain traditions and festivals dedicated to the harvests.

Natural Resources

While there are no sprawlings forests such as the ones further North, the town of Eldham sits on a large lake. This lake feeds a multitude of rivers which traverse the rolling hills of the Brentwell as well as provide a plentiful amount of clay for certain specialists. The various forms of agriculture cultivated on the land ranges from simple barley, which feeds the local breweries spattered in the fields with the smaller apple orchards, whose fruits are exported around the continent. Due to the prevalence of the I'll Dorei the fields tend to remain relatively consistent with their harvests and rarely face drought.  
While the flora feed those who prefer a greener diet, there is also an abundance of livestock which roam the pastures. Within these you can find an array of animals from chickens to the more exotic creeping gnoll, which steal sheep occasionally.


  • Eldham
Founding Date
Krusmera 898
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