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Bortix’s Influence


Divine Relationships


Worshipping Bortix


Bortix’s Champions

Alignment: Always Lawful, Rarely Good
Suggested Classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Blood Hunter, Wizard
Suggested Cleric Domains: Crimson
Suggested Backgrounds: Cultist, Inheritor,  

Bortix's Favor


Devotion to Bortix


Earning and Losing Piety

You increase your piety score with Bortix when you expand her influence throughout the world in concrete ways such as these:
  • Heal a creature of a blood ailment.
  • Sacrifice a soul to Ozotyl.
  • Bathing in the blood of an enemy.
Your piety score to Bortix decreases if you diminish her influence in the world or do any of these:
  • Spill/waste blood needlessly.
  • Desecrate a temple of Ozotyl.

Bortix's Devotee

Piety 3+ Bortix’s Trait
As your bond with Bortix grows stronger, so does your relationship with the frequency of blood magic. As a result, you are able to cast the spell Blood Read, requiring no material components, a number of times equal to your constitution modifier. All expended uses replenish at the end of a long rest.

Bortix's Votary

Piety 10+ Bortix's Trait
With this trait, you are able to cast the spell Extraction once per day. You regain the ability to use this spell after completing a long rest. 

Bortix's Disciple

Piety 25+ Bortix's Trait
As a result of your relationship with the element of blood, you have grown stronger. You now have resistance to poison and immunity from disease. 
In addition, you can detect the presence of any creature, invisible or not, within 10 feet of you. This ability is only possible if the creature is alive and has blood.

Champion of Gore

Piety 50+ Bortix's Trait
You can increase your Constitution or Dexterity score by 2 and also increase your maximum for that score by 2.


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