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Blood Read

This spell can be cast as a ritual.


You pour your aura into an ounce of a creatures blood, which the spell consumes as a material component. The blood must come from a creature that is alive or has been dead no longer than 1 hour. The spell will fail if the creature has been dead longer or there is not enough blood to use. When the spell is cast, you can choose from the options below: 
  • You learn the creatures type as well as all immunities, vulnerabilities and resistances. 
  • You learn the direction of the creature and the approximate distance from you.
  • You are able to learn any conditions which are natural, arcane or alchemical affecting the blood of the creature. You also gain valuable insight into the nature of the affliction.
  • If the blood is mixed with the blood of another creature or being, it will glow red if the creature is related to the target.
When you cast the spell, the target feels a tingling sensation and knows the direction in which you are located. It does not, however, know who you are or how far away you are.

Side/Secondary Effects

If cast at higher levels, you can choose one additional option from above for every spell slot used.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Material Components
V, S, M (at least one ounce of the target's blood)
Related School
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
10 minutes
1st-level Divination
Applied Restriction
Cleric, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

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You could make it a ritual