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The eye of mystra

The eye of Mysta is an organization of Wizards that run the city of Zovine in Vasia. They also run a magical college for gifted children and mages from all over the world. They train and adapt mages to make the best for the world and have created wonderful technologies such as sky ships and magical wagons.    They lead the people through politics and power, the main figurehead Keldra mangrove one of the most charismatic men in Elandara has governed the city to wealth and fortune. they often trade across the seas with the people of Balobia.   Motivations: they want to re-create the fall of mystra and take control of the power of magic, why should a being that never shows itself rule over us? Why should a deity get to make our choices? We will take back magic and heal the land of its ailments, no more war. No more suffering. It doesn't matter how much it takes and if we must make sacrifices we will for the greater good. They are taking scholars of magic and turning them into an essence they call the breath of mystra. It lets them amplify their magic over 9th lvl. But this comes with consequences, their hands are irradiated and their bodies starting to wear under the effects.   They cover up their evil doings by being there for the people. They often step in to give hope and balance to the world. They have also made simulacrums of missing students to make the school look as if it is running as normal. Anyone who notices is met with death.


There lead by fabian who hides in the shadows and whispers into the ear of Kendra who then informs the rest of the 3 mages.


They show the people they have faith in magic and technology and follow the goddess's mystery even the symbol on their robes depict their faith in her.

Public Agenda

In the eye of the public, they are the political council of Zovine keeping the peace and structure of the city and training mages in there college.


The College of mystra and their 5 towers peak out of the city. they also have a large amount of wealth that they use to manipulate and trade.


The organization was created by the man fabian who later then raised the city of zovine with keldra using creation magics. not much is known about Fabian but keldra is a public figure who travels all over the land to keep the peace between other nations.
Founding Date

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