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Osona the world giver

osona the goddess of creation and the world itself. once she sat alone in the black void her singing was the only thing that could be heard. she spent so long alone and isolated being the only being in this void driving her to do something about it. She cut her long silky hair and formed it into the stars letting it hang in the sky the long black strands forming the twists of galaxies and nebular. she was delighted with her new world but after time the flickering lights and colorful gasses lost interest in her. it was time to give more.    This time Osona cut her hand letting blood flow into the beautiful forms that she had created. Her blood created the first gods of the universe and she was delighted with what she had made. she sent these gods out to create more wonders for her to look at and discover. They created mounds of molten rock from the stars and gasses forming planets. but none of these planets had any life until Osona gave another piece of her after the gods she created pleaded for more. This time she gave more by taking off her skin and blanketing it over the world. her skin would form the seas and the sky and trees and plants grew from her gift. thou now Osona's once beautiful self was that of a fleshless form her body now twisted and raw.    The gods were delighted with what they had received from their mother and helped her watch the new creations. but again it was not enough and she had to give even more of herself to create something she could be proud of. This time she told her children she would share her power with them and will no longer be seen by them again. She told them that she had been alone so long and she did not want that for her children so her last act was to give her body to the universe. her bones and flesh creating the lads and mortals of Elandara so now the gods would not be alone.

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