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Royal Fever

Transmission & Vectors

Royal Fever was transmitted through the air and contact with infected persons.


The exact origin is unknown but it is believed to have come from someone in the Netos District where the majority of servants not staying within the keep live. Once in the district the relatively close home led to a large portion of the district infected.


The person infected first experiences achy muscles followed by a fever. As the disease progresses the person becomes easy to bruise and has painful headaches. By the later stages the persons extremities bring to swell, with the fingers and toe often turning blue or black. They then experience difficulty breathing and the coughing up of blood. Soon after they die. Death usually occurs within 3-10 days of first symptom.


When the illness began to spread within the Netos District, the sick were brought into the sick wing of the Keep. When the first several died day after their arrival the Princess Katina advised King Cisseus to order the people of the district and keep to remain inside their homes. Anyone in the city that experienced symptom was told to call upon a cart for care, and they remaining family to stay home. The princess was following the guidance of a author from 200 years prior. The book told about a similar illness coming upon the northern cities and with it wiping out a large amount of people before they forced isolation, the Queen knew she had to act fast to not repeat their mistakes. According to this writing there was a plant in the north that had leaves when chewed broken the fever of many illnesses, the author had thought it would work on the outbreak he had but the writing ends before tells of its effectiveness. The Kingdom sent riders anyways from outside the wall to procure as much of they plant as they could. By the time they returned weeks later the illness had been spread to the nobles, including the King, Queen and Princess. While the treatment did in fact work on those with beginning symptoms, all 3 royals were too far progressed. Miraculously both Prince Aris and his son Prince Rasmus were unaffected.

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