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Children of Kyasmiti

Journal of Therros, 274, First entry Aeranas is gone. I've looked everywhere, spoke to every clan. No one has seem them. Not since the comet. It burned across the sky brightly for days, Aeri said it was beautiful when I found them that first night, staring at the sky. The comet ended the same night I woke in the early hours, sun just beginning to dawn when I checked their room to find them gone. I don't know how, but the comet took them, of that I'm sure. I weep for my siblings return today, but tomorrow I will seek answers. The comet has appeared once before, and the elders must know something.
This journal was found amongst the possessions of a Kyasmiti elder, kept safe for centuries. The entries after the first are sporadic, spanning months and years with no additions. Many entries spoke about his slow turning of his siblings room into a shrine, at first just for mourning, but evolving into a place of worship. Therros, the author, worked in this one crudely bound book for decades, the last entry written with the man well into his seventies.    
Journal of Therros, 330, Final Entry In my lifetime, I have failed them. I hope Aeranas is wherever I will be going. My Children will continue without me, with a burden of centuries. My only hope is that time will not erase the knowledge of the comet. That somehow the next time is in a generation prepared.
While the exact date of the creation of the Children of Kyasmiti is unclear, they at the very least were bore from the ideal of Therros, around the year of his death in 330.  Though small in number, and minimal in their proselytizing, their group is responsible for the largest collection of historical documents in the Kymenos region, and perhaps Atherus proper. They are housed on what was once the lands of Therros's home, now expanded into   Our knowledge of the group can be summed up in a few paragraphs. Created somewhere around 330 GE, the Children of Kyasmiti are a religious group dedicated to the worship and knowledge of the Igmasma Comet With the comet only appearing for 4 days every 137 years, their numbers appear to dwindle down to the only the most loyal and steadfast in the decades before the comets arrival. Their dedication to the keeping of knowledge has lent us clear and accurate follower numbers. After the comet their numbers peak to the hundreds, and remain in that range for longer, with higher numbers, every time the comet returns.
Founding Date
Religious, Other
Alternative Names
The Children, Kyasmiti

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