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Caelestis Wine

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Caelestis wine was created to enhance the skills already given to those with a Patron. Being derived from the caelestis flower, it has minor celestial imbued into it. The process to make it safe for mortal consumption makes its power diluted. Its still requires further dilution and small doses until tolerance can be built.   Starting near puberty when the children are most susceptible to change, they begin to give them a mix of mostly water and some of the wine a few times a week, slowly increasing the wine content until they can drink a full cup daily. This process takes around 2 months. If done properly only minor sickness is felt with every increase. Those with physically challenging tasks eventually continue raise their tolerance higher.   The result is the children are slightly stronger, faster and more hardy in general compared to the non-chosen children, and even further in comparison to normal humans. The end of tolerance training usually starts the children on their first task, now able to fully communicate with their patron.


The chosen ones that do get a Patron are still mortal, and in order to be able to communicate with their Patron,use Angel Sigils and be masters of the other skills necessary for each Patron, they must be elevated as much as possible within the confines of their mortal bodies. While proximity to the Debeo Caelestis helps more was found necessary. The first group of orphans invented a wine diluted from the usually deadly plant.

Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Owning Organization
The Gate
This wine is created by flowers only found in the area surrounding the Debeo Caelestis. Small batches are made by Mother when needed.
Raw materials & Components
Petals from the Caelestis Flower are used as the main ingredient. Local fruits make up the remaining bulk.

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