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Alyra Luna Lamar

Alyra Luna Lamar (a.k.a. Aly)

Alyra is a half-elf, half-human female who hopes to one day flee the last human city, Karthan. Alyra grew up as a miner as that is what her adoptive parents were. Alyra is headstrong and physically powerful, even given her slight frame. She is fit and quick, both in mind and body. There is no end to the grief she gives her adoptive parents, though it is not her desire to do so. She is simply curious by nature and follows her adventurous urges, sometimes to her detriment.   Her bestfriend is Nessa Corthilion. Alyra is shunned by most of Karthan due to her mixed bloodlines, which is readily observed in her facial features. Alyra knows neither of her biological parents. Her adoptive parents, Arad Lamar and Bell Lamar discovered her left in the depths of the mines of Karthan as a baby, not far from the place known as The Underbelly.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Alyra is strong and fit, especially for her size. She can easily outwork the strongest of human men, which has proven to be another reason for people to disdain her.

Facial Features

Alyra has bright, emerald green eyes, which is indicative of her Elvish heritage. Her eyes are larger than those of humans as well. She has slender but full eyebrows, an angular face, and pointed ears. She is regarded as very beautiful, though many will have nothing to do with her because of the human hatred of magical species.

Personality Characteristics


Alyra's dream is to flee Karthan and to discover why humanity has fallen and why it is enslaved. She is only half-human, but she is still in the same predicament as they are and even though most of them treat her poorly she wants to free them. She feels that doing so will cause them to finally respect her, even if they never begin to actually like her.    She wants to find a way out of Karthan so she can embark on a journey to locate the lost human kingdom of Torandria. She believes with all her heart that there is something there which will help her save humanity from Draconic enslavement and tyranny.

Personality Quirks

Alyra curses more than the average denizen of El'dor.
Biological Sex
Emerald Green
Chesnut Brown
Skin Tone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Gracious Logos!" - Commonly used by Alyra when she is taken aback, surprised, confused, or appealing for God's favor or help
  "Dust and ashes!" - Alyra often says this when disbelieving or frustrated
  "Blood and bone!" - Alyra often shouts this when she is angry
  "Flaming fire!" - Alyra shouts this when she is furious

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