Zehnler Coat

  The Zehnler Coat is a style of men's attire commonly worn in the wealthier echelons of society. While being of the most current style and fashioned out of the best materials money can pay for, it is kept in a style to resemble the clothing of a common worker. Most of the upper society is completely oblivious how tone-deaf this fashion is in the face of brutal working conditions and extreme poverty most workers live in.  

Main pieces

  The attire consists of a long sleeved shirt of usually pale color with a dark brown or grey vest above it. Long, streight trousers in a similar dark tone ar worn combined with calf high boots. The boots have a thin sole and almost no heel. Typically, a cap is worn matching the color of the vest, even at indoor gatherings. The outfit is often complimented with multiple high quality accessoires, alluding to the customs of the worker's class.  


Chest and back

Coin on chest
On the left side of the vest, right above the heart,a coin is sewn into the fabric. Typically of pure gold, it is often specially minted with the owner's crest. The coin is alluding to the Zehnel a worker would keep in their breast pocket at all times. This coin is meant to be the last payment of their Copperbound Contract in the case of their passing, otherwise it is unclear who would pay for their burial.  
Vest Clasps
The growing popularity of the Zehnler Coat almost completely replaced the usage of metal clasps for vests within the nobility. Instead, just like their worker counterparts do for their coats, the vest is held closed by wooden clasps. Not any wood would do, of course, but high quality golden Assenbirch or the rare silver Sheynpine.  
  A common accessoire popular both with the workers as well as the elite is a colorful neckerchief. Where it is made out of rough fabric, dyed with cheap solutions, the elite wears elegant satin neckerchiefs, dyed with the very best colors supplied by the famous shop Leaf And Let Dye. Often, these neckerchiefs are intrically embroidered and tucked into the vest with very special care. Typically, the familly's color and crest are used.  

On Arms and in Hand

Metal Should Markings
On the left shoulder there are metal stripes worked into the fabric to denote the person's rank or station. In most cases, this only denotes the family with an engraved crest on the stripe - but in the case of military, these mimick the rank insignias. This concept mimicks the marking on a worker's coat, which denotes the factory they work in and to which the coat belongs.    

Valuable Dust

Many coats have the illusion of dust on the shoulders, by having golden or silver dust worked into the fabric. This alludes to the deeply settled dust seen at miner's outfits.    

Tears and Stitching

The armes are covered in tears, skillfully stichted together with colorful threads. The tears were done pruposefully and often form spirals or flowers or other imagery. The colors usually match the neckerchief.  

Fine Gloves

Gloves are of fine material with nice embroidery but without fingertips. Workers often cut the fingertips off to wear gloves too small for them or to keep working with them even in freezing workingplaces.              
Item type
Clothing / Accessory

General Properties

  • Finest Materials for cloth, leather and dyes
  • Lots of embroidery, often to simulate wear and tears
  • Colors represent the family's crest
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    3 Jun, 2021 17:21

    Great start already I will definetly return when you are further along :) This really is some dark humor of the elite to mimick those poor workers. Even that gold dust on the shoulders that really must sting :p

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    Eternal Sage AmélieIS
    Amélie I. S. Debruyne
    4 Jun, 2021 07:28

    Already a nice article :D I remember when we discussed the idea on discord and I really love it! It's really "fun" how you've twisted all those elements of workers' lives to add them as a fashion statement I especially love the "dust" and the tear embroideries :p - and that coin too!   I think adding some quotes showing people's reaction to the outfit, both other nobles and workers working under them, would be really great to illustrate how twisted this tradition is :D

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    5 Jun, 2021 07:51

    You talked about this idea in the chat, and it's looking great! I love how you portray the oblivious rudeness of the upper-class. And how you managed to incorporate very expensive things in a supposedly simple garment.
    Just a heads up the title: "Metal Should Markings" You are missing an 'er' in 'shoulder' there.
    I know you are still working on this, but what is the significance of the tears?

    11 Jun, 2021 00:04

    I like the little details the Zehnler holds; not only how it rubs the salt into the wounds of the hard overworking people, but mainly the fact that their owners actually KNOW what to look at.   It makes for a pretty neat symbolic negative of who the wealthy are to the workers.

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    11 Jun, 2021 00:10

    Man this is great stuff, I love all the details that just spit in the common workers' faces. The gold dust and the decorative tears - it all sounds chillingly realistic. I can picture the outfit vividly too! Awesome worldbuilding :D

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    11 Jun, 2021 03:05

    This a parallel to a maddening real-life trend executed in a way that draws me into the setting. Well done! I love the detail about the coin—I feel like that's the one that most spells out how tone-deaf the whole fashion is.

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