Lady Luck's Knife

She looked at this beautiful flower. The blood-red petals shimmered in the light, a promise of the lucky future she was about to have. How fortunate to find this flower. There was no time to wait any longer. Eagerly, she reached out and touched the thorns.
  Lady Luck's Knife is a bush with long, deep green, thorny vines and deep red flowers. The plant is known to grow mostly in remote and humid swamp areas like the Fenorijten Swamp. Most thorns are covered by the round leaves, that usually grow in clusters of four.   The flower has a mesmerizing effect on most people, causing the whish to touch the flower. When a person is pricked by the thorns, they will almost immediately fall to sleep. In this sleep the person will have true visions of fortune and treasure. After waking up the person will have extraordinary luck for some time. This does only work if the plant is alive and rooted.  
Take care to never touch Lady Luck's Knife. For it may give you riches, but it will demand your life.
  But this luck does not come without risk, for the sleep can be fatal and without end. As long as the thorn touches the person, it will keep them asleep. At the same time, the roots and vines of the Lady Luck's Knife will grow with a rapid speed and especially try to enwrap its victim and place roots inside their body. Over a short amount of time, the plant will have drained all life and magic from the person.  
He had carefully removed the thorns, and the vines wrapping around her body. Yet still she would not react to any attempt of waking her. After almost three days, her face seemed almost grey. Did he miss a thorn?
  But why won't they wake up?
As long as at least one thorn is breaking skin of the person or as long as some roots are inside the victim, it is almost impossible to wake them up by normal means.
Humid, corrupted, Mostly Marshland and Swamps
About 80cm height, covering large areas
Growth of Speed
Usually about 1cm per vine per day.
when in contact with victim about 25cm per vine per minute for up to an hour
Possible, dangerous because of rapid spread
Iron and Natrium rich soil with supply of slightly alkalic water. Especially good growth when supplied with blood
Danger Rating
Very Dangerous, Likely Fatal

Special Abillity

Grants true visions of treasure and secrets. Additionally grants a period of high luck immediately after breaking contact with the thorns.


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