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It was a harsh trek through the old mountain route to get to Sabesbank, as most travel into the white city usually is undertaken by the river. However, when I crosse on of the last hills before arriving in the city, I enjoyed the sight of a white temple above the city shining in contrast to the dark stone around it, glistening in the light of the setting sun. The astonishingly large telescope on the roof slowly turned in my direction and I felt as if Sabes herself was inviting me into her sacred city.
Hendrik Gustaffson
in: Stream of Power
  The settlement Sabesbank and its surrounding regions are located at the source of the Lower Camiten Stream within the Terkanten Mountains. It is ruled by a mercantile council and a relatively influential member of the Gamian Group Trade Alliance dspite its rather remote location.   Sabesbank hosts one of the largest temples dedicated to the deity Sabes within Caramiza and certainly the most beautiful temple. Despite its remote location, the Erzzeuge of Sabes to Caramiza resides here. The templ is constructed on a mountain above the townitself and almost exclusively out of the regional marble, which contains many veins of small crystal geodes.   Part of the temple is the Sabesian Observatory with the most modern giant adjustable telescope in the world, allowing scholars to study the movement of the stars and follow the approach of Zecod's Tear. Activity in the observatory has increased in recent years, as a near approach of the comet is expected in the coming months.   Sabesbank is also well known for its marble quarry with the aforementioned Sabes' Marble which can be mined exclusively here. The material is much desired as a building material as well as material for magical and scientific tools, due to its magical properties. This quarry effectively allowed Sabesbank to become the influential and rich member of the Gamian Group that it is today.   Just recently, within the quarry an entrance to the large Crystal Caverns was uncovered. The crystals found lining the walls have been a topic of exciting research as they are unusually large, glowing blue from the inside, and display fascinating magical properties. Crystals of this kind have also been mentioned by the legends about Sabes' travels for ascension. Scholars and explorers are curious to learn what is inside these caverns.

Further Details

The old road through the mountains to Sabesbank is called the Trek of Stars. It is usually undertaken by young acolytes of Sabes as part of their initiation into the church. From the many stations of the trek, you can see the richest starry sky, the symbol of Sabes herself.
The regents of Caramiza traditionally travel into this city after they are coronated, to pledge their rule being guided by wisdom and compassion.

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