Erzzeuge Marius Birkwald

So let it be known, from this day on the holy cathedral of Maned was gifted to the people itself, as a safe place for trade and exchange, as it is blessed by the god himself. In this place, the church will no longer be between the people and their god's favored actions.
— Erzzeuge Marius Birkwald
Excerpt of Trade Cathedral's declaration of church indipendance
  Erzzeuge Marius Birkwald held the highest rank within the church of Maned from 1542 until his early death in 1553. he is well known for declaring the Trade Cathedral in Bealuki to be an independent place for trade . While this action in 1543 did rouse strong initial opposition within the church, it boosted the popularity of the church among the population for decades to come, leading to higher attendance and tithes, endorsing this move in hindsight.   Marius Birkwald was a relatively young appointee to the rank of Erzzeuge. He was only 31 years old when he became a high priest in Taymtstrom and only three years later, he was called to the capital to be voted Erzzeuge. He is seen as a candidate of compromise between at least three opposing factions with the church at that time. His tenure actually aided in relieving some of the internal conflicts.  
The actions of a Tauschwarte may have originated within the confines of our church, but they are acting now under the guidance and justiciary of the state. It is only fair, to shoulder the burden of overseeing this position as it is only fair to split the revenue equally.
— Erzzeuge Marius Birkwald
Commentary during the negotiations for the Government-Church Tax Ratio
  Marius Birkwald was generally a very diplomatic and resolution seeking Erzzeuge. During his tenure, he was instrumental in negotiating the taxation by church and state of the transactions conducted by a Tauschwart. The Government-Church Tax Ratio was developed with his support to formally declare the amount of taxes the church would get.


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