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Miracles are born here!

Ekûminopubliss™ is most likely the single greatest creation by any organization or creature in the galaxy, it stands as a testament to the incredible technologies and greatness which can be achieved by great minds. The name of "Ekûminopubliss™" comes from the words ecumenopolis meaning a planet-wide city and bliss of course referring to joy and peace, as the name would imply Ekûminopubliss™ is the combination of both. A colossal city built onto an entire man-made comet flying through space, dedicated to being the

epitome of peace and perfection in the galaxy. Ekûminopubliss™ is a massive metal celestial body with a donut-like dome hovering over nearly the entire surface and shielding the city from the cold depths of space, the dome ends at the very "bottom" of the structure, leaving a circular area of the structure


known as "lower" Ekûminopubliss™ exposed. Lower Ekûminopubliss™ is where ships travel in and out of the city transporting new passengers. Ekûminopubliss™ spends about half of its time flying through space and the other half orbiting around whatever planet it is currently getting passengers from.

We as the Ekûminopubliss™ government are devoted to purity, to freedom, to peace, and to safety. We believe all people should feel safe, comfortable, and happy, the rest of the galaxy may be a cold and scary place but we pledge to make our city a warm sanctuary in the cold. So come along and learn about all the amazing things which Ekûminopubliss™ can offer to you and join our fabulous world of miracles!

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