Airship Registration

Although being a fairly new invention, airships have been heavily regulated by most nations in the world. Depending on the nation, this could go from just declaring the type and size to having a unique identifying plaque on the airship.   Regardless of the specifics, each nation has its own version of an airship registration, the owner has to fill out and turn into the authorities for approval.   Starting with the aspects all regions have in common, the owners name or the name of the company that owns the airship has to be written into the document. Next, the type has to be specified. This is where the differences begin. Some nations only require a vague description like, a tradeship, a warship, a personal transportship while others require more details. Examples for the details that may be require are the exact size, amount of sails, armaments, armor, color or cargospace.   Having filled out the document, it has to be handed in to the authorities for approval. The time it takes for the document to be returned ranges widly, oftentimes depending on how much money you happen to donate to the specific government at the same time.   Has the document been recieved, it will have either been approved or it will come with an additionals document containing issues, should the approval not be given. As soon as the owner made the requested changes, the registration can be turned in again so gain approval.   This registration will then allow the owner to dock at any major port. Depending on the region, the ship may still be checked for illegal items after the docking procedure has been completed.   Notable exceptions to the mentioned procedures occur in the kingdom of Yoshi, were civilians can't register a warship and the kingdom of Red, where an unarmed airship is considered useless and therefor unregisterable.


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