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The Umber Keg

General Summary

Month 9, Week 1, Year 918
  Letter from Erevan to Genevieve Jaun    ...Thanks again for the glamerweave sample, the dwarves down here may not be impressed by its enchanting patterns, but the gloves are great for keeping out the cold weather. I reunited with my old friend Godfrey down here and he might need a pair of his own soon. I was so relieved to hear he'd survived all that mess with the Sunken God, and we vowed the next time we reunited to try some of the world-renowned meads and ales here in Thorvald.   I thought I was through with the adventuring life, but Godfrey somehow dragged me back in. He was always good with a shot back home, and his skills have only improved fighting off sahuagin for years. I know you hate to hear it, but alcohol may have played a part in my decision: the tavern-keeper told us that the village's best keg of ale had been stolen a few months back by some dangerous creature, a call to action if I've ever heard one.     So Godfrey and I ventured into the Katlan Mtns, frigid and imposing over this icy landscape. We had some trouble with a couple skeletons, but Godfrey proved quick on his feet and shot them down before they got to too testy. We found the keg not long after, lorded over by the ugliest creature I'd ever seen. Fangs and horns and claws galore, the creature had good taste at least given his affection for the keg's umber liquid. He was even generous enough to allow us a taste of this divine drink, but he proved less courteous when we tried to take it back to Grimsey. I managed to break the creature's mind with some cantrips I know, but it was Godfrey that saved me from certain death: grappling with the monster he had the strength of will to take an arrow and stab it through the eye, leaving the beast distracted enough to land the killing blow.    We returned the keg to its rightful owners, and while the reward was paltry we worked out a long-term arrangement with the tavern-keeper. Since the keg was enchanted to provide an infinite supply of that umber drink, we would collect a percentage of its earnings on a monthly basis for the foreseeable future. Thorvald is a fascinating place with great drinks and a multitude of villages suffering like Grimsey, one could make a small fortune helping out these communities and drinking off their hospitality. Godfrey picked up a girlfriend while in town, and she seems good enough with a greataxe to join us on this mission. I wish you the best in your feud with the so-called God of Garments, your glamerweave is second to none.    I drink to your health, Erevan

Character(s) interacted with

  • Halfdan - Tavern owner in the small town of Grimsey
  • Agnes - Halfdan's sister and local blacksmith who agreed to join Erevan and Godfrey on their journey
Report Date
15 May 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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