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The Man in Black

(a.k.a. Nyarlathotep)

A monstrous deity from the Far Realms and powerful patron of The Shroud. Unlike many of his peers, the Man in Black took an interest in mortal affairs and sought to protect them from the Far Realms' destructive forces. Granting mortals like Medraad Le Fey with supernatural powers, The Shroud has set about uprooting cults around Pescaliat and protecting the global order.   The Ageless One, the world's supreme deity with the power to approve or condemn religions, was suspicious of the Man in Black when he first made his presence felt in the 870's. The Ageless One had come to power banishing monstrous deities back to the Far Realms thousands of years ago, and despite the Man in Black's denunciations of the Far Realms the Ageless One remained suspicious.   After decades of hunting down cults and assisting with the defeat of the Sunken God, an agreement was reached between the two deities in the early years of the 900's. The Ageless One would remove the Man in Black's prohibited status and establish him as an approved deity with limitations. The Man in Black could continue to serve as the patron of The Shroud and its members, but the Ageless One prohibited the construction of any temples in the Man in Black's honor.   This new relationship has proven mutually beneficial, the Shroud free to recruit new agents without issue and the Ageless One assisted in its quest to stamp out destructive cults around the world.

Divine Domains

Knowledge, Twilight, Protection
Ageless One Status: 
Approved with limitations
Divine Classification
Monstrous Deity

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