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Marguerite Rousseau

Champion Defender

A female half-elf and leader of the Knights of Rarita, 913 - Present. Radicalized during the Oda-Kiri War of the 900's, Marguerite saw the magic weapons and constructs used by Oda Clan and believed that Gillette Montesquieu wasn't doing enough to tamp down on the sacrilegious use of magic items in the region. She led a coup in 913 to overthrow Gillette as Champion Defender of the Knights, returning the order back to its roots as a stabilizing force in times of uncertainty. Her armies have helped keep the peace in the ruins of the Kiri Clan, confiscating and destroying any magic items discovered along the way.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Paladin, Oath of Conquest

Mental characteristics


  • Champion Defender of the Knights of Rarita, 913 - Present
Current Location
Year of Birth
885 46 Years old
Aligned Organization


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