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KKO Session 10: Welcome to Marwen

General Summary

2/1/876, Army Size: 50
  • Party recruits 80 new members to its army on the way to Ichigo
  • During a call with Judith, Bucephalus convinces her to cover ¾ of troop expenses
2/2/876, Army Size: 130
  • Party arrives in Ichigo, meets with Chagall
  • Now that they’ve been pardoned, they agree to help Kawa tribe for a price
  • Chagall is easily convinced to pay for ¼ of troop’s maintenance fee
  • Chagall gives them lead on way to defeat Silk Page
  • There’s a drow currently living in Alduin
  • She was influential member of The Verschow's Council, may have helped make Ream
  • If anybody knows how to defeat Silk Page, she will
2/4/876, Army Size: 130
  • One night Saoirse shows up in party’s camp
  • Since their last meeting she’s joined forces with Chomei and the Kiri tribe
  • The Paper Dragons has all but been absorbed by the Kiri tribe
  • She’s here with a simple offer: join the Kiri, and they’ll receive 2,000GP a month
  • Party likes the sound of all that money, but declines the offer
  • Judith’s been good to them, and they already have a job with Chagall
  • Saoirse expected this, so she leaves party with a parting gift
  • A massive paper version of Lee, the old head of Paper Dragons’ smuggling operations
  • Boss Fight: Giant Paper Lee
  • First battle with their new army
  • Does a good bit of damage, 1d10 for every 100 soldiers
  • Nyana and Bucephalus get KO’d, but healing helps a lot
  • Balasar swings around a lot, Guppy’s guiding hits like once
  • Finally, Nyana’s flame powers tear the monster to shreds
  • In the ashes they find a note from Saoirse
  • She gives them three choices: kill themselves, leave the Northern Territories, or get killed
3/2/876, Army Size: 130
  • Party arrives in Alduin, the ancient homeworld of the black dragonborn in Melusine
  • Balasar has to keep a low profile, he’s wanted for desertion
  • Bucephalus convinces guards to let them in
  • They head to town square to meet with High Minister, get info on the drow
  • They’re forced to wait a long time to meet with High Minister
  • Finally they barge into office
  • It’s not Bucephalus who convinces Minister to talk, but Guppy!
  • Minister says that the drow’s name is Marwen, and she’s staying in a remote monastery
  • It’s north of town, all she wants nowadays is isolation and drink
  • She uses magic to repair the monastery in return
  • Meanwhile Balasar and Tevlin have a little sidequest
  • Tevlin gives him a hat w/ feather in it for Balasar’s disguise
  • The two go swinging together, find a bar and a couple dragonborn girls together
  • The next day they make the long hike up to the Tiamat monastery
  • Balasar gets odd looks everywhere they go, but they don’t get stopped
  • Inside the monastery they follow a couple monks carrying moonshine
  • They take it to a dark cell at the top of an isolated tower
  • In the dark, they listen to the drow woman wax cynical and refuse to help
  • She has no interest in helping party defeat Silk Page
  • She’s already done too much damage to the world
  • Eventually, the party gets her help by agreeing to help her find a rare kind of drink
  • If they can get her a bottle of Joseph Daniels, she’ll agree to help
  • Balasar picks her up, carries her out of the monastery
  • A couple of monks question the party, but Bucephalus convinces them to relax
  • That night party gets good and wasted with Marwen
  • She explains how she’ll craft an enchanted dagger to kill Silk Page
  • The ingredients for the weapon rack up to 1,500GP
  • Bucephalus tries stealing weapons to pay for supplies
  • But Balasar almost gets caught by dragonborn cops and they have to flee city
  • Tevlin is in the tavern with a dragonborn girl, but they all escape pretty quickly
  • Marwen catches Tevlin’s eye, but party warns him to be careful
  • The next morning in army camp the party communicates with Judith via the bone powder ritual
  • Party tells her they have way to stop Silk Page, won’t go into specifics
  • Turns out the Page has been quiet since its defeat at Sanjuro City
  • Larger matters to attend to, Empress Chomei is on the warpath
  • She’s marching towards Ichigo, forcing every village she passes to join or die
  • Olenjii is on the way towards Ichigo
  • So party begins the three-week journey to Olenjii
4/2/876, Army Size: 1,200
  • Party runs a hard recruiting campaign on the way to Olenjii
  • Turns out persuasion and intimidation are an effective combo
  • In the end, close to 1,100 troops down the campaign!
  • Judith is waiting for party at town gates
  • She’s impressed by the army they’ve amassed since their last visit
  • But she’s not the biggest fan of Marwen when she lays eyes on her
  • Tieflings and drow have a tricky history in Rakka it seems
  • But party leaves Marwen with the ale and attends war council
  • So the situation’s not great for Olenjii
  • Chomei has 10,000 soldiers marching towards their village
  • With party’s army included, Olenjii has 6,000 to defend with
  • But maybe they can sabotage Chomei’s war effort?
Report Date
14 Aug 2019
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