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HHI Session 11: Luck of the Draw

General Summary

Month 3, Week 3, Year 908
Licking their wounds from last night's humiliating encounter with the poachers, the party debated where they should go next. Ownka wanted to hunt down the druid woman to impress Gruumsh, and Balasar went into a fiery rage over the fact that one of the poachers managed to escape the party's grasp. The Seeking Scorpions returned back to the poachers' camp to collect some heads and hunt down the druid woman, but the trail ran cold and the group was unable to determine where she'd went. Her path pointed north into the elven Kiri Clan, but the party couldn't tell which direction she was headed.    Short on options, the party decided to follow the triceratops' trail of destruction in an attempt to bring it safely back to Tiammanthyllish. The party may not have been able to save the grungs, but they didn't want to return to Lotan's capital empty-handed. Ithilwen and Ownka attempted to restrain the massive dinosaur by lassoing it from different angles, Mavis creating an illusion of a baby triceratops to try and calm the dinosaur. But the creature grew frightened when it realized the baby was just an illusion, and the party fought for several seconds to keep the triceratops under control. It wasn't until Balasar thought of disguising himself as a blue dragonborn that the dinosaur started to calm down, and after a few more tense moments the triceratops was finally calm enough to be taken safely back to Tiammanthylish. Mavis and Balasar took turns donning the blue dragonborn disguise to keep the triceratops at bay.    Along the way back through the jungle wilderness, the party heard the voice of The Colony, warning the group that they no longer had the nature spirit's protection after failing to rescue the grungs from the poachers. This warning pushed the party into high gear as they continued their trek towards Tiammanthylish.    Month 3, Week 4, Year 908
Back in Lotan's capital, the party handed the dinosaur over to a blue dragonborn official along with the rotting heads of several poachers they'd collected. Due to the death of several grung and the fact that the leading poacher (i.e. the female druid) managed to escape, the party was only rewarded with 1,200GP out of the maximum 3,000GP they could've received for a successful mission. Content with the extra gold in their pouches, the party ordered strong drinks at the local tavern and discussed where to go next after Lotan.    The party agreed that traveling overland into Shisu would be the easiest way to get to Younashi. They may have to navigate Lotan's dense jungles for a few more weeks, but from Shisu it would be a quick sail upriver to get to the Kiri Clan's capital. Stocking up on rations, the party agreed to head north as soon as possible.    Before leaving town, Ownka made another attempt at proselytizing the region's lizardfolk to Gruumsh's cause. Sparring words with a lizardfolk shaman, Ownka displayed a bit of her god's powers in attempt to find a worthy successor to Branch. Many were discouraged after the shaman threatened to banish any who would worship a forbidden deity such as Gruumsh, but a lone female lizardfolk named Log agreed to join Ownka's faith for the promise of greater power. Mavis took an immediate liking to Log after Ownka introduced her to the group.   Month 4, Week 1, Year 908
Once again, the party found themselves hacking through the dense jungles of Outer Lotan on their way to the Kiri Clan and the Northern Territories. At Balasar's urging, Log kept her chants of 'I believe in Gruumsh' to a minimum every day.    Several days outside of Tiammanthylish, the party found themselves discussing their hopes and dreams when some forest spirits summoned by The Colony began attacking the party. A giant tree slammed its branches down on Ownka and Log while a pack of human-sized fungi stunned Mavis. Balasar managed to fire some well-placed rays of fire at the myconids before his wild surge knocked him out with a burst of 'Fireball', but this time he was the only casualty from the unintended explosion. Once Log delivered the killing blow to the giant tree, Ownka rushed over to heal Balasar while the group put themselves back together after the attack. The Colony was no longer playing games with the party and would continue sending nature spirits against the group.    Sifting through the wreckage of their camp, Ownka heard a clicking noise inside her stored equipment at the end of the fight. Intuitively, Ownka pulled out the satchel given to her by Auntie Jadoogar and found that its arcane lock was gone and that the bag could now be easily opened. Turning it inside out, the orc cleric found a small deck of playing cards inside with a note written by the hag. Auntie Jadoogar wrote how the party was now strong enough to use the Deck of Many Things, a set of cards with the power to dole out tricks or treats to those brave enough to draw from its deck. Users of the deck must state the number of cards they'd wish to draw, but beyond that the letter did little to explain the powers of the deck.    Handing the deck over to Balasar, the dragonborn sorceror drew a single card when suddenly a chalk outline of one of Ekal's two moons appeared before him. Balasar felt imbued with the powers of some high-level spell, but he failed to realize that he now had access to three uses of the 'Wish' spell. Seeing Balasar's experience with the deck, Mavis decided to draw a card of her own and was faced with a horde of chalk-outlined birds. The birds swarmed around Mavis for several moments, and while they didn't deal any physical damage the kenku warlock found herself bereft of all her items, weapons, and half of her gold.    The magic of this deck was beyond the party's comprehension, but whatever fueled the deck's power was capable of immense blessings and curses.

Rewards Granted

  • The party received 1,200GP for hunting down poachers and returning a triceratops to the Inner Lotan area
  • Log joined the party
  • The party received a Deck of Many Things
  • Everybody in the party advanced to lvl 5
  • Balasar obtained access to three uses of the 'Wish' spell
  • Mavis had all of her items and belongings lost after drawing from the Deck of Many

Character(s) interacted with

  • The Colony - a supernatural collective of trees and fungi tasked with defending the Lotan Conservation 
  • The Gatekeeper - a mysterious individual who has tasked the Seeking Scorpions with finding a suitable stronghold for performing his experiments in peace
  • Log - a female lizardfolk who decided to abandon her tribe and join Ownka in worshiping the god Gruumsh
Report Date
12 Sep 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Featured Players

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