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Gunter Ellador


Former President of Eldermere University in Oftin, 869 - 915. Appointed to the position in the late 860's, he helped keep the college safe during the Fairouz Terror and the Avicennan War of the 870's. His tenure saw an increase in enrollments from foreign-born students, some from as far away as Oda Clan in the Northern Territories. He also collaborated closely with Catriona Quinn and Jax to reform the school's druidic studies and emphasize the preservation of the continent's ecosystem. He passed away in 915, having spent almost half a century turning Eldermere into the most well-respected institution in Gameth.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Wizard, School of Transmutation
833 915 82 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died of old age
Aligned Organization


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