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"The important thing is to never know when to leave good enough alone," - Stanislavski, 875, 4th Cycle
Gnomes have long been creative and inventive souls, and with the rise of an industrialized world on the horizon their talents have become valuable assets by world governments.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • More than two-thirds of the world's gnomish population lives in the city of Galway and its surrounding countryside. Ruled by the Elflands Empire for thousands of years, the city was annexed by the human nation of Sardivelia in 898 and has since entered an era of unprecedented growth and innovation.
  • A majority of gnomes in the Northern Territories come from the town of Iwa in the Yosei Clans. The nation's isolationist policies discourage innovation and research, so many gnomes travel to nearby kingdoms to sell their work to the royal courts.
  • Communities of gnomes have formed in the human city of Gameria and the halfling town of Noggin. Unlike their counterparts in places like Galway, these gnomes emphasize a pursuit of the arts over the sciences.
  • A distinct subrace of gnomes, the Svirfneblin, have been observed to inhabit the The Underdark beneath the tiefling kingdom of Rakka as denizens of the disputed Verschow region. Curt to most, these deep gnomes value functionality and rationalism over all else
500 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Common   Stats/Rules: PHB

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