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GHG Session 15: Where There's a Will There's a Wisp

General Summary

Month 9, Week 2, Year 918
  Stocked up on magic items and potions from Galway, the Fast Five headed back into the Treeleaf Union to hunt down another sahuagin bounty and earn some extra gold. Their fight at Liadon Keep had already made its way into the papers, and with one more successful bounty the group would turn into local celebrities. The giant sahuagadile was spotted not too far from the marshes around the Landharbor tavern, and the group found a ship owner willing to loan them her keelboat so long as they paid her back on their return. One crew member would be provided to help escort the party, a bullywug named Frogina eager to bash some sahuagin with her oar.   Sailing out to the site of the sahuagin attacks would take up most of the night, but the party should be able to kill the sahuagadile and get back to the Landharbor by noon if they timed it right. There was a close call with some alligators and a pack of will-o-wisps clustered around a dead log, but Argus managed to decapitate one of the gators and pretty soon the waters were safe enough for Bubbles to swim among the fishes. Windred and Ys made awkward small talk that night during their watch, and Zan'kiri found a way to use his unseen servants to wield the keelboat's ballista.   The party thought they'd been the hunters that night, but the sahuagadile crept up on the boat and gave them a fight for their lives. Summoning a giant horde of will-o-wisps to attack and stun its prey, Windred became the target of this barrage of wispy energy and quickly fell unconscious. Frogina tried to help out by bashing the sahuagadile with her long oar, but none of her blows landed after she ran head-first into Zan'kiri's 'Web'. The rest of the party managed to hack away at the monster, and some reliable shots from the haunted ballista helped destroy the creature's appendages responsible for conjuring the will-o-wisps. Just when it seemed like Windred would be done for, Zan'kiri consumed the sahuagadile's remaining life force and brought the battle to a dramatic conclusion.   In the battle's fallout the party started collecting up the remains of the will-o-wisps and sahuagin for their reward money in Ardin. Argus suggested stealing the keelboat and taking it with them, but Phaedra chastised him and said it'd be a bad look for the GHG's heroes to be seen as thieves. While many in the group looked exhausted from that evening's fight, it should be noted that Phaedra looked rejuvenated from all the spellcasting (practically three years younger!). Frogina became obsessed with Zan'kiri after seeing his powers on display, pestering him with questions on their long journey back to the Landharbor.  

Rewards Granted

  • Bubbles obtained a magic barrel with mechanical legs

Character(s) interacted with

  • A gnomish shopkeeper and barrel aficionado in Galway
  • Jasmine Landtrotter - A halfling woman who's been driving the party all around the Treeleaf Union for a couple weeks now
  • Nora - A halfling woman and owner of the keelboat the party used to hunt down the sahuagadile
  • Frogina - A female bullywug and part of Nora's crew, escorting the party on its journey to defeat the sahuagadile

Report Date
29 Jun 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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