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EooD Session 27: We're Still Better Than Naberius

General Summary

Month 1, Week 2, Year 901
Day 3 in the Underdark
As the party began to rest for the night, a mysterious drow man approached the party's tiny hut and started flirting with Skyler. Handsome and forceful, Jael was about to intervene when the dark elf revealed his fiendish form and began attacking Skyler. Collecting some of the aasimar's blood into a vial, he introduced himself as Gremory the Dashing before disappearing into the ether. Seizer and Jael fired off some parting blows, but after the fiend vanished the two began discussing the liability that Skyler now posed to the party. With Skyler's blood Gremory and his benefactor Naberius would be able to spy on the party any time they wanted.   The rest of the watch that night was less eventful. Poolp and Rrippp discovered a slug that glowed strange colors, and he collected it for safekeeping.   Day 4 in the Underdark
A little shaken from last night's fiendish encounter, the Dark Souls continued into the Underdark when they came across a lone half-orc beside a broken handcart. The half-orc, introducing himself as Gell Hammerfist, was transporting jugs of high-quality moonshine into Zerbst when his cart broke on one of the rocks. Poolp used his javelins to make a temporary repair to the cart, making it stable enough to finish the rest of the journey. Thankful for the help, Gell rewarded the group with a couple jars of the best damn moonshine in all of Southern Pescat.   But the party wanted more. Sensing that Gell was a bootlegger with some knowledge of the territory, the party tried to get him to tell them about any hidden tunnels or shortcuts in the Underdark. When Gell refused, the party waited until they heard him disappear and sussed out his hidden passageway on their own. When they ran into Gell again in the hidden tunnel, Nineveh cast 'Suggestion' to get him to leave them alone for the rest of the journey. Skyler noticed some signs drawn in poorly-drawn draconic pointing towards Zerbst, so as a precaution Nineveh cast 'Disguise Self' to make herself look like Gell.   The precautions paid off when half a dozen kobolds surrounded the Dark Souls and incapacitated Seizer with some noxious skunk-like odors. Nineveh's 'Suggestion' proved useful once more in getting most of the kobolds to go check on the tunnel entrance, but two of them stayed behind still suspicious of the party. Not one to waste time on negotiations, Jael stabbed the nearest kobold while Poolp cracked his whip and popped a little dragon's head off like a bottle cap. Rrippp made his first kill in this encounter, tearing the last kobold to shreds and treating himself to a quick snack.   Knowing that they were no longer in the good graces of the Kobold Shipping Service, the party marched through the night to make it to Zerbst by morning of the fifth day.   Day 5 in the Underdark
The crude Draconic scrawling on the walls indicated that Zerbst was just a couple miles away when the party came face-to-face with three humans weighed down with bulky bags and satchels. They had yellow eyes and dark black hair, and Nineveh (while disguising herself into a dragonborn) noticed that they spoke with Despero accents. There were a few tense moments of small talk between the two groups, but when it was clear that the people weren't looking for a fight the Dark Souls let them pass into the tunnels without issue.   The matter settled, Jael led the party into Zerbst after some interrogating from the local guards. Zerbst was a large trading town where hunters and merchants traded relics discovered in the surrounding Underdark. Half a dozen towers loomed over the settlement, each one representing an estate for one of the noble families in the Verschow. House Hainaut's tower, while dusty, had plenty of space for the party to rest after a long night of marching. Before resting though, Poolp met with a deep gnome leatherworker about turning a cloaker's tail into a magic whip.   That afternoon everybody in the party awoke to the sight of spectral shadows staring at them with light blue eyes from the foot of their beds. Jael explained that these Shadow Servants were tasked with tending to all guests who visited the Hainaut estate, but not before Poolp vaporized one of the Shadow Servants with holy water from his sleeping barrel.   That afternoon Jael did some research in the the family library while Seizer, Nineveh, and Poolp explored the town. To Seizer's delight, the wizard learned about how many of the Verschow noble houses had been robbed of some valuable tomes from their libraries by a band of enchanting thieves. Surely these were the same people that the Dark Souls ran past in the tunnels on their way to Zerbst!   As Seizer pressed a local fence for details of the heist, Poolp sold Gell's moonshine to a tavernkeeper and purchased a better jar for his glowing slug. The group was able to trade in the monster parts collected from their encounters for a bit of gold, and afterwards the three of them visited the town mortuary so Nineveh could buy a syringe. Seizer and Poolp discussed selling the half-elf to some slavers, but Nineveh's powers of deception had so far proven useful.   At the mortuary an ally of House Hainaut named Appel Waldgrave was tending to the body of a guard who'd made the mistake of getting his brain eaten by an illithid. These mindflayers had become more aggressive in recent years, organizing raids closer and closer towards established Verschow settlements. Nineveh convinced Appel to part with one of her syringes while Poolp had a nervous breakdown over the mention of a mindflayer, beating his head against the walls before rushing out of the mortuary.   Meanwhile Jael learned some useful information about the fiend Naberius from the Ars Goetia. He was an amnizu in the service of Glasya, archdevil of Malbolge and daughter of the Lord of Hell himself Asmodeus. As an amnizu Naberius was one of Glasya's most decorated strategists, skilled in the art of manipulating mortals into conspiracies that always left Malbolge flushed with souls. Piecing these details together, it was clear that Naberius sought to make another deal in Glasya's favor with the rulers of the Verschow that needed to be stopped at all costs.

Rewards Granted

  • Everybody in the party reached lvl 6
  • Seizer sold items collected from his monsters for over 200GP
  • Poolp Goodhunter sold the moonshine given to the group by Gell for 30GP per bottle
  • Poolp obtained a glowing slug and a jar to contain the slug
  • Nineveh Isolde bought a syringe from Appel Waldgrave 

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
01 Dec 2020
Primary Location
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