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Eldermere Chronicles Session 3: Space Rocks and Meenlocks

General Summary

Week 3, Month 10 (Laertum), Year 915
  The Friday Alliance had a busy Saturday planned, with the big artificing expo in the morning and a trip into the Kelethian Woods saved for that afternoon. Lampey raced over to the artificer's hall to get the expo out of the way, but she found her path into the building blocked by students from Eldermere's environmental club (including Jar-of-Bugs and Lissa!). Allannia and her fellow club members were blockading the expo under the belief that the inventions created there were contributing to pollution in Gameth and needed to be stopped at all costs. Despite being a member of the club for more than two months, Lissa felt uncertain over picketing the expo as the best way to protect the environment. Liltarin pointed this out, remarking that she'd one day have to choose between the club or her friends like Lampey in the Friday Alliance. Jar-of-Bugs wasn't completely sure what was going on, and Ceto made sure to pick up leads on some good trash in the area.    Prof. Esma of the artificing department came out later that morning to announce that the expo was cancelled since Headmistress Williamina refused to get on the bad side of the environmental club. Once Lampey made sure that her grades wouldn't be affected by the cancelled expo, she sneaked into the lab to launch her glitter rocket prototype and met back up with the rest of the Friday Alliance to go into the woods. It took a couple hours to hunt down Liv, but they confronted her in the dining hall and pressed their blackmail once again to get her to help guiding them through the forests. For somebody who was merely 'talking business' with fiends, Liv sure was insistent that nobody else should know about her meetings.    The journey through the woods lasted most of the afternoon and evening, interrupted by steep ledges and rocky paths and the occasional hostile elk. The giant elk nearly murdered Lampey, but thanks to some quick words from Liv the gnome got rescued from the brink of death. A couple hours later the party took a break around a large stream where Lissa set up a quick religious ceremony to consult with her patron deity Eldath. Lissa asked the goddess if what the environmental club was doing was right or not, Eldath simply saying that Lissa should do anything to protect her home's riverways from pollution and corruption. Lissa wasn't pleased with the answer, still uncertain about whether the environmental club was in the right with their confrontational tactics.    By nightfall the Friday Alliance finally made it to the meteor, a giant moon rock with a rust-red color and coppery edges. Liltarin was almost more excited than Lampey about the discovery, having lied about the rocks the night before and begging Auntie Lindworm to make something for his gnomish friend to find. It took a lot of muscle work and spellcasting to get the rock split apart into easy-to-carry pieces, but by the end of the night Lampey managed to walk away with two-thirds of the moonstone. All this activity attracted some unwanted attention, a giant buglike monstrosity nearly killing Jar-of-Bugs in a cruel twist of fate. Lampey got her lizardfolk friend carted to safety with her Zoomer while facing down the monster beside Lissa, the two of them on the brink of death on multiple occasions. A volley of spells from Ceto and Liv helped change the trajectory of the fight, Liltarin delivering the killing blow with a satisfying 'Magic Missile'. Stocked up on moon rocks and adventuring stories, the party marched back to Eldermere to celebrate their successful quest to their roommates' dismay. When Lampey fell to sleep that night she was visited by a couple of yugoloths dressed like 1970's businessmen, offering to provide her with information about rocketry in exchange for semi-frequent gold payments. This dream meeting must have been set up by Liv, and Lampey immediately agreed to the deal.

Rewards Granted

  • Lampey obtained 60 lbs of zunarite

Character(s) interacted with

  • Liv - an upperclassman at Eldermere who is definitely not selling her soul to fiends
  • Esma - Lampey's artificing professor
  • Williamina Lepidop - headmistress of Eldermere
  • Allannia - the wood elf leader of the school's environmental club
  • Eldath - goddess of streams and riverways
  • Maertel - Jar-of-Bugs' beleaguered roommate
  • Gaeva - Lampey's roommate
  • Groxl and Moxi - two yugoloths who brokered an information-sharing deal in Lampey's dream
Report Date
11 Sep 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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