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Eldermere Chronicles Session 2: Learning from the Best

General Summary

Month 9 (Fallumn) and Month 10 (Laertum), Year 915
  The weeks passed by after Liltarin's close encounter with the fey, the students of Eldermere University going about their schoolwork and focusing on the inevitable midterms. Lampey spent all their free time trying to craft a rocket capable of reaching the moon Zunal, Lissa and Jar-of-Bugs obtained passes from Catriona to visit Lake Etirna throughout the week, and even Ceto started to befriend Zork the kenku janitor during his evenings of community service. Liltarin focused on his work with the theater group and awkwardly flirting with Lissa, Lampey trying automating the theater backgrounds through sheer force of will.    These five students got roped together into a self-defense course taught by veteran Royal Knights Brigade member Margaret Keats. Courses like this were normally reserved for upperclassmen, but Eldermere's faculty decided that even the freshmen needed to learn how to protect themselves against supernatural forces. Margarets' teaching methods were unorthodox, having the students fight against each other and run through an obstacle course in the hedge maze. Lissa won both of these competitions, awarded with a pass to explore the Kelethian Woods in her free time.    Lissa wasn't too interested in exploring the forests despite her family's rural background, but when Liltarin made up some story about meterorites in the woods Lampey insisted the party make an expedition after tomorrow's Artificing Expo. Lampey wasn't aware that the school's environmental club was planning to protest the Expo by stopping people from entering, and neither Lissa or Jar-of-Bugs thought to bring this up despite being members of the club. Regardless of tomorrow's Expo, the party would need an upperclassmen to help escort them through the woods to be less suspicious. Unfortunately their options were limited on such short notice, the only upperclassmen still on campus being a girl named Liv trying to sell her soul to fiends in the park. Despite her insistence that everything she was doing was perfectly legitimate, the party blackmailed her into leading them into the woods the next day.    Back in the dorms that night Liltarin consulted with the hag once more while Ceto slept nearby. She introduced herself as Auntie Lindworm, offering once again to teach Liltarin things he would never learn at Eldermere and provide him with magical gifts. Worried that there wouldn't be any meteorites for Lampey to take tomorrow night, Liltarin agreed to the deal and briefly became enveloped in a flash of greenish-purplish light. Auntie Lindworm's demands didn't sound too strict, and surely any costs could be covered by a stronger Liltarin in the future.

Character(s) interacted with

  • Maertel - Jar-of-Bugs' roommate, member of the dueling club
  • Allannia - a female wood elf and leader of the environmental club
  • Tiasha - a female human and leader of the theater club
  • Esma - Lampey's artificing professor
  • Catriona Quinn - professor of druidic magics 
  • Zork - Eldermere's kenku janitor
  • Margaret Keats - adventurer for the Royal Knights Brigade and contracted instructor
  • Liv - A human upperclassman who's definitely not trying to sell her soul
Report Date
21 Aug 2021
Primary Location
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