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Eldermere Chronicles Session 1: To Each Their Own

General Summary

Month 9, Year 915
  Gameth won international acclaim when its Royal Knights Brigade defeated the Sunken God in 897, but it failed to capitalize on this goodwill as domestic issues threatened to tear the kingdom apart once more. Gameth struggled to appease both the industrialists from Ravi and environmentalists of Hakon, Queen Astrid choosing to side with Hakon to prevent it from seceding from the kingdom once more. It was a tenuous union between these two sides, but Astrid hoped that if given enough time these two sides would unite under a common Gamerian banner.   Which is where Eldermere University comes into the picture, the longest-running institute for higher learning in Pescaliat. Its newly-established artificing school promised to allow students from all over Gameth and beyond to share ideas and better understand each other's cultures, promising years of collaboration in a reunified Gameth.   The school certainly attracted a diverse group of students. There was Liltarin Galanodel, a Hakonian wood elf torn between the adventuring expectations of his family and his own desire for self-expression. There was Lissa Airendil, escorted to the school by her twenty-member family and forced to navigate on her own the world beyond Hakon's woods. There was Jar-of-Bugs, the veteran RKB adventurer forced to become at least semi-literate by RKB leadership. And there were the exchange students: Ceto Backhand, a peculiar fey creature allowed to study at the school by some arcane arrangement; and Lampey von Iwa, a demanding yet inventive gnome and one of the school's first exchange students from the Northern Territories.   This cross-section of the year's freshman class represented the diversity and potential of the University, but it also represented its failures to foster a sense of unity among the various departments. The wizards, the druids, and the artificers all studied at their respective buildings and returned to their respective dorms, the only chance for meaningful inter-departmental interaction coming at mealtime in the common dining hall. There was a mandatory gen-ed alchemy course that lumped all the students together, but one shared classtime every week does not a kinship make.   So students found themselves pursuing their own projects, Lampey working on an enchanted scooter and Ceto nearly murdering the kenku janitor Zonk. Liltarin decided to join the theater club and Lissa helped gather signatures for the conservation club, somehow even getting Jar-of-Bugs to sign up as well. The entire semester could have gone on this way, Queen Astrid's dreams of a unified kingdom dashed against the mundane needs and interests of a bunch of teenagers (and one middle-aged lizardfolk).   But sometimes it takes a crisis to force long-overdue changes. One night in the middle of the month of Nimbus the school went on lockdown with all of its students urged to stay indoors. Liltarin ignored these orders and explored one of the campus parks, running into a sinister-sounding old crone who offered to teach him things he would never learn at Eldermere. Liltarin politely refused while Jar-of-Bugs spied on the encounter from one of his bugs, the wood elf managing to escape the park to get chewed out by Catriona Quinn. It appeared that the school's curriculum would have to change to deal with the very real threat of fey invading campus...

Character(s) interacted with

  • Williamina Lepidop - Headmistress of Eldermere University
  • Catriona Quinn - The most well-respected professor of Druidic Magics at Eldermere
  • Hugh - a human man and Professor of Intro to Arcane Subclasses
  • Rimmon - a tiefling man and Professor of Basic Alchemy
  • Esma - a human woman and a Professor in Eldermere's Artificing department
  • Maertel - Jar-of-Bugs' human roommate
  • Shyael - Lissa's elven roommate
  • Gaeva - Lampey's human roommate
  • Godfrey - a human student who briefly feuded with Ceto
  • Tiasha - a female human who convinced Liltarin to join the theater club
  • Zonk - just a poor kenku janitor
Report Date
10 Jul 2021
Primary Location
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