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DW Session 8: Sailing in Style

General Summary

  • Cereus and Elan meet up with party in Silvio
  • They all decide to get drinks at Bocaccio’s
  • First thing they see is dwarf stabbing orc with a bottle
  • Cereus buys round for everybody, Veridan orders a cider
  • Some witty riparte, Adam doesn’t get shitfaced this time
  • Veridan and Elan give a stellar bardic duet together
  • They charm crowd afterwards
  • Elan finds a Sardivelian nobleman with a yacht
  • His name’s Giovanni Rosso, and he’ll agree to take them to Oridelfa
  • Adam has to break it to Cassandra that they won’t be taking Characters-ordered wagon to get there
  • Party’s at sea with Giovanni
  • Giovanni tries to sleep with Elan, he doesn’t get lucky
  • Giovanni then tries to sleep with Amara, he doesn’t get lucky
  • Amara leads him on, thinks Giovanni is a coward
  • Veridan looks around ship, finds it enchanted with self-cleaning tools
  • One day Veridan and Adam see pack of sahuagin racing towards ship
  • Boss Fight: Redfin Tuna, Left Shark, and Right Shark
  • Veridan gets sahuagin to roll disadvantage on attacks
  • But he does get hit a few times
  • Elan does devastating blow, scares Redfin back into the ocean
  • Redfin drops his Sunken God spear
  • Adam punches Left Shark until head explodes
  • Amara takes Redfin’s spear, uses it to wipe floor with Right Shark
  • Redfin comes back on deck to ask for spear back, Amara refuses
  • Redfin warns that he’s in Sunken God’s hands now
  • Party agrees to help clean up mess on-deck, Adam and Amara eat sharks
  • Giovanni tries flirting with Cassandra, Adam fights him for honor
  • Accidentally ends up breaking Giovanni’s arm
  • But him and Cassandra have a nice bonding moment!
  • Do Elan and Veridan have a bond?
  • They’re both charming half-elf bards after all
  • Giovanni threatens to kick party off at nearest island
  • Adam ponders mutiny, taking ship for Characters
  • Amara spends the night with Giovanni to calm him down
  • No sex, but some flashing and comfort
  • That night Amara has a weird dream
  • She’s on the crow’s nest of ruined ship at bottom of the ocean, face-to-face with Sunken God
  • Sunken God demands fealty if Amara wants to use his spear
  • She agrees, immediately disavows loyalty to Seevo
  • She’ll get to keep the spear, but she’ll have to follow Sunken God’s orders
Report Date
13 Oct 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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