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DW Session 16: New Year's Preparations

General Summary

  • The party makes it to the city of Kassadeia
  • Cassandra takes party off the beaten path near a giant tree
  • Turns out it’s a treant named Mr. Tree!
  • He’ll sneak them into the city, only if they each pay him 250GP
  • He’s saving up money to buy back his old growing spot in town
  • Everybody pays him, Jax gives him 300GP
  • Mr. Tree makes some vines move away, reveals a small passage at the bottom of the wall
  • Inside the party regroups at the Character Safehouse
  • Elan and Cereus are there
  • They were in Oridelfa when the Revolution began, but they headed for Kassadeia
  • Cereus has lost his sense of taste due to Asuria's illness
  • Gell also shows up a few hours later
  • His smuggling guild has its own tunnels into town
  • There’s plenty of moonshine for everybody!
  • The party bonds, catches up on all their past adventures
  • The Mariner is in town to oversee the final operation to kill the Empress
  • He assigns the party on a mission to the sewers beneath town
  • They need to unlock some gates to allow Character reinforcements to enter
  • Many agents have been killed or wounded due to some monster down there
  • Amara’s body is kept in the safehouse supply room
  • Sunken God messages Wilbur, tells him he has new plan
  • Advises Wilbur to leave book from Hedgpeth archives next to casket
  • He casts illusion, nobody notices the placement
  • And if only we knew what happened to the Fork of the Sunken God...
  • The party rests up for the night and travels down to the sewer gate
  • Party stops at entrance to giant reservoir
  • Wilbur lights torch, moves it to center of room with mage hand
  • There’s some water on floor, also a fomorian at the edge of the room
  • The Fomorian’s hungry, he’s ready to eat the party
  • Gell offers some poisoned moonshine, but that doesn’t do much to him
  • Dungeon Battle: Two Fomorians and Four Piercers
  • Gell gets whaled on real bad, KO’d not once but twice
  • Adam gets distracted by a piercer, spends most of his time dealing w/ it
  • This leads to him getting KO’d by Momma Fomorian
  • An Evil Eye glare also curses and deforms him
  • Elan takes a bit of damage, but her destructive wave helps out a lot
  • Wilbur summons two Hounds of Tindalos
  • Together the two of them eat a piercer and attack Mamma Fomorian
  • Jax takes zero damage, but he does kill both of the Fomorians
  • Mamma is destroyed by Yo-Na, Jax's power of the bear
  • In the fallout of the battle the party finds the gates that need to be opened
  • Elan picks the lock on a couple of them w/ her dagger
  • She gets jumped by a Piercer, battle takes longer than you’d think
  • Jax tears one gate off its hinges, slams it down on Piercer
  • Back on the surface the party reports their findings to the Mariner
  • Everything’s ready for the big invasion, they’ll strike on New Year’s Day
  • The fireworks will mask the first wave of attackers
  • Adam and rest of party takes long rest, his curse is lifted
Report Date
14 Dec 2019
Primary Location

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