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DW Session 1: Arrival in the Elflands

General Summary

  • Party lands in Elflands docks
  • Been at sea for two months to get to Kassadeia
  • Emperor Polonius III died after almost 450 years on the throne
  • World leaders coming from all over to pay respects
  • Queen Astrid’s in tow, with newest generation of party
  • Adam and Elan are the old vets, back from solo journeys
  • Elan’s been on a mission for Rexfur
  • Adam’s donned hero identity of Blue Lighting
  • Amara, Roland’s daughter, was forced into working for the RKB as a last-ditch reform effort
  • She rebelled against Roland’s expectations, became a pirate
  • Cereus, Catriona’s son, joined as well
  • His parents are nobility now, and he wants to find his own identity
  • At the docks they get fifth addition to the team, a half-orc named Gell!
  • He’s a monk, chef, pretty burly dude
  • Prichard wanted to join, but he’s busy teaching at Kassadeia's healing college
  • Party arrives in Kassadeia, the capital of sprawling Elflands Empire
  • Glistening towers and elven architecture dot skyline
  • But there’s also rampant poverty and discrimination against the Elflands' minority races
  • Party has the night off before the funeral tomorrow morning
  • Amara gets wasted at dirty dive bar named Creaky Elbow
  • Drinks some kind of black liquid from rusty bucket
  • Cereus goes to fancy bar called Polished Elbow
  • Has some expensive ale from Kiri-Kawa Territories
  • Tries to chat with a rude elf guy, buys him a drink and leaves
  • Adam goes crime-fighting as Blue Lightning
  • A halfling maid is being harassed by a couple of elves
  • They say she hasn’t paid her ‘halfling tax’
  • He absolutely clobbers the two, leaves them with broken bones
  • Gell talks to the homeless, specifically a gnomish man
  • Gnome guy complains about taxes and discrimination
  • Gell suggests that he just needs to work harder
  • The next day it’s funeral time
  • Astrid warns party to be on best behavior
  • She’s concerned about Amara doing something reckless
  • At the Cathedral of the Ageless One, lots of important world names showed up to pay their respects
  • Paoli is there, bragging of recent political successes
  • Cpt. Tarkov shows up, since he’s a head of state now
  • He tried to convince Amara to rejoin pirate confederacy
  • He leaves her with parting gift, address for ship takeoff
  • The funeral begins, Empress Ophelia of the Elflands gives long eulogy for her father
  • As she ends, a massive explosion rips open right wing of cathedral
  • All the territorial governors were sitting there, Gell rescues a couple
  • As he tries to get away, a throwing kinfe lands in back
  • Three figures in theater masks appear in wreckage
  • Boss Fight: The Characters
  • Two characters have tragedy and comedy masks on
  • They use throwing knives
  • One character has mask with bloody tears coming from eyes
  • They cast spells like wind wall and ice storm
  • Everybody takes a good bit of damage, surprisingly
  • Cereus summons a sabre-tooth tiger, Amara goes into barbarian rage mode
  • Cereus disintegrates comedy mask, Adam punches tragedy to death
  • Gell focuses attacks on crying mask, stuns them
  • Adam takes some quick swigs of Joseph between hits
  • In a concentrated effort, party deals close to 90 damage
  • Gell finally gags and ties up stunned character
  • They take off mask, reveal that it’s a young female halfling
  • Gell picks her up and carries her outside to authorities
  • Outside the wounded are being treated
  • Queen Astrid's arm was broken, but she’ll recover
  • Elflands guards take halfling away for brutal interrogation
  • Astrid thanked RKB for help, they get drinks at Polished Elbow
  • Astrid talks about dead governors, rising instability
  • She’ll speak with Empress Ophelia about plans tomorrow
  • Amara and Cereus complain about living in their parent’s shadows
  • Gell talks about how he’s never been outside Malakarth’s temple
  • He hopes not every temple blows up like the Ageless One’s did
  • Adam shows up after drinking some Joseph and fighting crime
  • Him and Amara and Gell get into king of the hill fighting match
  • Adam wins against Amara, but shockingly he loses to Gell!
  • Amara flirts with Gell, but he doesn’t get it
  • The next day they show up in royal chambers with Astrid and Ophelia
  • The two of them have come to an agreement
  • The RKB will investigate this terrorist group further on behalf of the Elflands
  • In return, Elflands will provide fleet to deal with rising pirate threats in Myltev
  • This will continue the two nations' centuries-long alliance
  • However, there is a development with the terrorist group
  • Elflands guards found something in the wreckage
  • A milk bottle, with a label reading “Courtesy of the Characters”
Report Date
11 Aug 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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