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DW Session 13: A Hodgepodge of Problems at Hedgpeth

General Summary

  • Party travels to Hedgpeth
  • Adam finishes writing his play, lots of explosions in it
  • Cassandra says she could help him get it produced in Noggin
  • Wilbur does some research on the Elflands government
  • He learns about its history
  • Founded over three thousand years ago
  • It’s had eight monarchs in its long history
  • Recent victories: defended against tiefling invasions from Rakka in 740's
  • Recent defeats: dragonborn independence in 760’s
  • Party gets near Hedgpeth, is stopped by a band of goblins
  • A hobgoblin named Goodberry leaves the pack
  • He accuses Characters of interfering with their plans
  • Elven guards are being murdered
  • The Accuser convinces Goodberry to let them into town
  • He leads them into town, takes them to goblin hideout
  • There’s a recent murder for them to investigate
  • Adam falls on ass trying to climb building
  • Amara finds scratch marks, elf’s face eaten off
  • They follow tracks down to the riverfront
  • The clawmarks end at a drainage pipe
  • So party travels down into sewage pipe w/ a goblin named Rockthorn
  • Rockthorn grew up in sewers, so he’s an expert guide
  • A couple of piercers fall from ceiling, pretty easy to kill
  • They do run into an Otyugh though
  • Amara frightens it, but it KO’s Adam
  • Wilbur delivers killing eldritch blast
  • Even Rockthorn fires some shortbow shots!
  • Down at the end of pipes they find Helix, the chuul from the temple!
  • It wants to eat Adam, but Amara and Wilbur stop it
  • It has trouble understanding distinctions between elves
  • Wilbur and Amara convince him to hold off on attacks
  • They suggest he tries destroying dams for Sunken God instead
  • The party leaves the sewers, covered in raw sewage
  • They tell Goodberry that it was an Otyugh that was killing the elves
  • He believes it, starts working with Characters
  • Adam tries to help Rockthorn get a sorbet
  • It fails terribly, Adam gets KO’d again by elven guard
  • Rockthorn has to drag him back to hideout
  • Party has to take long rest and clean up
  • Wilbur makes a scroll of Suggestion for the goblin resistance
  • Amara goes to Sorbet Store to get some for Rockthorn
  • It’s 150GP for five sorbettes, she fails to negotiate discount
  • She pays 120GP, runs out of store
  • She also steals a customer’s sorbette
  • When elven guard rushes after her, she throws him in river
  • It’s the same guard that KO’d Adam, and he drowns
  • Adam does some more scriptwriting
  • He tries to get Rockthron to help him work on the play
  • A kenku from the Shroud stops Amara one day
  • She hands her an imperial letter, authorizing one exorcism
  • The ceremony is performed by Elsinore, priestess of Ageless One
  • Her exorcism is scheduled for 13/4/896
Report Date
24 Nov 2019
Primary Location


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