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"I've had half a dozen bugbears risk their lives for me in the line of duty. I hope many more will receive such an honor." -Jalil Hafiz, 895, 4th Cycle
Tough and sturdy fighters, the bugbears have made a name for themselves as resilient fighters across Pescaliat. No fighting force would be complete without a detachment of bugbears, from revolutionary freedom-fighters to well-heeled mercenary guilds. Bugbears will fight tooth and nail for whoever's paying for their services, but all bets are off if the assignment involves eliminating a fellow goblinkin. While bugbears flee their homelands in search of mercenary work, some choose to stay close to home finding ways to elevate their goblinkin and fight for an autonomous goblin nation-state.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The largest number of bugbear can be found in the city of Bognil in the tiefling nation of Rakka. A hardscrabble place with few opportunities for advancement, many bugbears find themselves conscripted into the nation's military service fighting drow or defending Rakka's borders from rival kingdoms.
  • The multiracial city of Hedgpeth, for centuries under the control of the Elflands Empire until annexed by the human nation of Sardivelia in 898, has a large population of bugbears within its borders. Many hobgoblins like Father Goodberry were killed during the Sunken God's reign of terror in 897, leaving bugbears to fill the leadership vacuum and continue the fight for autonomy and self-rule.
  • Bugbears have been sighted all over Pescaliat, from the Northern Territories all the way east to Avicenna. Their resilient fighting style makes bugbears reliable mercenaries, meaning that adventuring guilds and private contractors have employed these goblinkin for all types of missions.
50 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's

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