Sat, Sep 10th 2022 05:02

Major Changes to Existing Article Content

I have been leisurely worldbuilding Eivrall for over a year now - going into it, I planned to spend "a couple years just worldbuilding and developing ideas for my book". I have created a fair number of substantive articles, and most of the content I create is built into or from other content.   That being said, I have been prioritizing plot development and specific content for my book lately. In doing this exploration, I have developed the need to change some of the things I've already made public. Please be patient as I make these changes throughout the system - again, my world's content is like a snowball, so it may take a while for me to get to every article to reflect these changes. I may even overlook some.   And please, by all means, if you find any specific pieces that need to be updated, post them here! I love community feedback.