Primordial Deity of Darkness Xoxtris (a.k.a. The Omniarch) (They)

Xoxtris, Primordial Deity of Darkness
Xoxtris, Primordial Deity of Darkness by Gabrielle Decker

Xoxtris is the personification of the void before the Big Bang, when everything was in a state of nothingness, or darkness. Since everything has its origins in the shadows and has its final destination in the blackness of oblivion, Xoxtris is also worshipped as the god of creation and oblivion. Because they are formless, omniscient, and omnipresent, they transcend ideas like gender and sexuality. Xoxtris is all-inclusive and represent the whole of existence.

According to legend, Xoxtris bestowed upon the cosmos the life force known as numen, which pervades all matter and sustains all living things. Eivrall's magic originates from numen.

The symbol of Xoxtris is akin to the Yin and Yang sign. A white infinity symbol is depicted inside a black "gap," which represents the infinite blackness that they encompass. It symbolizes the full range of human experience, from the positive to the negative, the feminine to the masculine, and life to death.

Though Eivrall is home to a variety of faiths and philosophies, it is generally accepted that Xoxtris, or the idea of the primordial void, existed long before the emergence of Gods. Whether they are perceived as a person or a concept depends on the religion.

Creation and Oblivion
The Void
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Primordial Deity
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