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Greetings, fellow worldbuilders!  

The thrill of creating your own world is unparalleled - but the power to craft an entirely new realm from the depths of your imagination can be overwhelming. Building a world isn't just an exercise in pure imagination; it requires carefully weaving a rich tapestry of interconnected elements, from geography and cultures to history, magic, and beyond. With so many layers and threads to consider, it's easy to feel lost in a sea of possibilities. Under the crushing weight of a thousand possibilities, your sprawling universe threatens to spiral out of control. But with the right approach, you can bring order to the chaos and assemble something truly awe-inspiring.


With the Worldbuilding Periodic Table of Elements, you can gain clarity and control over your worldbuilding. This tool was designed to provide a visual reference for important considerations when developing your fictional world.[1] Each cell glitters with promise, enticing you to dig deep into the core elements of your world. Such exploration brings the tactile experience of entering a real world, where each discovery and revelation will captivate your senses. Bring this world to life through intricate details and the weight of deep history.


Worldbuilder's Periodic Table

Legend: Wordlbuilding Elements

General Ecological Cultural Organizational Geopolitical Economic Infrastructural Religious Historical Linguistic Technological Fantastic Nefarious Environmental


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Narrative Components
Narrative Components
Special Abilities
Narrative Components
Narrative Components
Currencies & Trade
Water Systems
Gods & Demons
Magical Creatures
Spells & Magic
Diplomacy & Politics
Businesses & Corporations
Power Systems
Alien Lifeforms
Constructed Lifeforms
Body Adornment
Figure of Speech
Political Events
Factories & Warehouses
Waste Systems
Afterlife Beliefs
Paranormal Entities
Behavior & Reproduction
Recorded Histories
Slang & Curses
Long Distance Communication
Arms & Armor
Transport Systems
Sacred Texts
Mutated Organisms
Predation Dynamics
Poetry & Prose
Sports & Games
Heraldry & Vexillology
Lies & Propaganda
Future Technologies
Law & Order
Rare Goods
Legendary Items
Internal Rules
Mounts & Familiars
Domesticated Animals
Secret Organizations
Outlaw Organizations
Riddles & Puzzles
Forbidden Tech
Alternate Technologies
Illicit Goods & Services
Failed Systems
Forbidden Magic
Rivers & Lakes
Fields & Prairies
Seas & Oceans
Artctic Region
Jungles & Rainforests
Aquatic Zones
Bogs & Swamps
Solar Systems
Strange Worlds
Black Holes
Weather & Storms
Spirit Realms
Fantastic Lands
Other Realms

Ruler10 1.svg


Write a story...


But we know that building a world isn't just about following a formula or ticking off a checklist of elements. To build a world that is truly unique and alive with possibility requires an electrifying spark, a prodigious jolt of creative energy. That's why I've included a Random Prompt Generator in this toolbox- to help you unlock your imagination and explore new ideas to their fullest potential. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to generate prompts that take your world deeper than ever before- uncovering hidden complexities and revealing unseen layers of richness.

You've made the brave decision to embark on a worldbuilding journey and the time has come for you to take a leap. Whether you're a novice worldbuilder looking for answers or a hardened veteran seeking new inspiration, gather all possible elements, generate unique ideas, and unleash the power of your vision. As you gain courage, let your imagination run wild, and witness with awe as your creation comes to life right before you.


* most of these ended up coming out comical when put together. This was not intentional, but I am not upset. Enjoy! :D

1 Note: Modified from this Reddit article.


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21 Mar, 2023 08:09

It's so cool!

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Grandmaster 1337spectra
Gabrielle Decker
22 Mar, 2023 03:13

Thank you! I figured I had quite a few resources saved, why not share them? But there's already so many resource pages that are a compilation of links to other pages, I wanted to do something different. I created a new category and figured I'd start sharing some of these with everybody!

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22 Mar, 2023 13:43

Wow, this is amazing! So many details and ideas. You've thought of everything. I'll definitely try to reference this whenever I need inspiration. Thank you!

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Gabrielle Decker
23 Mar, 2023 00:28

I really enjoy this little table myself! I'm glad to know it'll be useful! Thank you!

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22 Mar, 2023 16:38

This is such a great article. I love your adaptation of the original periodic table - yours is so much easier to read and use. :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
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Gabrielle Decker
23 Mar, 2023 00:29

The original was too good to pass up, but it definitely needed to be more accessible imo! I'm sure I'll be adding to this article over time, but I think this is a pretty solid start!

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22 Mar, 2023 16:48

This is GORGEOUS! I'm pretty burnt out right now but this is giving me quite a lot of motivation to write!

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Gabrielle Decker
23 Mar, 2023 00:30

YAY! That makes me all warm and fuzzy and I had no idea that was possible lol. I feel like a fleece blanket. But seriously, it makes me super happy to hear that! I'd love to read what you come up with should you embark on that journey!

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22 Apr, 2023 14:46

I'm coming back to say how much this has helped me recently! Whenever I don't feel like writing, all I have to do is come look at this and my brain gears start spinning xD

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Gabrielle Decker
23 Apr, 2023 02:14

That's AMAZING, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know! I take a lot of happiness from creating useful things for people. I have a document with some ideas for some future articles, but I'd like to take the time and get personal feedback from people to see what THEY would be interested in. Anything about worldbuilding in particular you'd like a deeper-dive into?

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23 Apr, 2023 07:00

I'd love some stuff about peoples and cultures! I struggle with them the most, so it would be really useful to me! <3

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Gabrielle Decker
23 Apr, 2023 16:30

Awesome! That's actually an area I've been compiling a lot on recently. Stay tuned!

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22 Mar, 2023 17:20

You did an incredible job with turning this into an interactive version!! I love your choice of icons and colours for it :D amazing!

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23 Mar, 2023 00:32

Yay! Thank you, TJ! You were actually one of the main motivators for this. I love all your little 'help' articles (whether they be resources, tutorials, guides, what-have-you), and I got to thinking one day... I have over 3k bookmarks, and I'm pretty sure almost half of those are worldbuilding/writing related. Why not share some of them?

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23 Mar, 2023 01:25

Wowwwwwwww.   (got nuthin else but wowwwwwww.)

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23 Mar, 2023 02:17

Lol! Thank you! I'll take that as a compliment then!

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23 Mar, 2023 12:26

"Write about a legendary time-traveling spaceship pilot who starts eating paper clips to unravel the secrets of a forbidden planet" -- that checks out, I'm not mad about it either lol!   Lovely work on the interactive version of the worldbuilding table: it's so clean and easy to read! (Can I say it? I'll say it: I will use it...periodically) XD

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Gabrielle Decker
23 Mar, 2023 21:52

Omg I cackled way to hard at this!!! Bahahahaha. The generator has quickly become one of my favorite toys recently :P "Write a story about an immortal camo-wearing secratary who paintes horrible modern art for revenge against an enemy." "Write a story about your cousin, the algoithmic street vendor who rents a minivan because her own survival depends on it." "Write a story about someone you met in a haunted forest. They were a world-champion art student who hires 20 underage employees while screaming obscenities."

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