The Bench of Wonders

Snows, man, I felt something when I sat there. I did! You know, like a warmth here in my heart. I tell you, there's something going on there!
— A witness of the Bench "magic"
The Bench of Wonders is, presumably, a magical bench located in the Union Square of Ueana. According to tradition, this bench will show any person who sits on it a wondrous miracle. However, many people are starting to believe that this bench should, instead, be named the Bench of Wondering. Apparently, everyone who sits on it ends up wondering when will the miracle appear.   Needless to say, the bench is not actually magical in any way but simply a social experiment. It was found that many people prefer to trust a bench before trying to solve their problems by their own means. Not that this theory needed more proof, but it's a good way to hopefully make some people realize that trusting a bench is dumb.   The Bench of Wonders has become a great tourist attraction and is now considered a protected monument by the Eimaui Confederation.


The Bench uses the traditional architecture style from the beginnings of the first millennia. It's made out of a single huge block of stone, flat at the top, with no back. Its three legs shaped like anthrophormized land fish heads, a native species of the Archipelago. These creatures are known for their extreme lack of intelligence; their depiction as humans under the bench is quite telling.

Bench of Wonders
The Bench of Wonders as it appears in the National Catalog of Monuments.
Parent Location
Plaça de la Unió


Author's Notes

This article was created during World Ember 2018.   You will notice that a huge part of this world is written in Catalan. However, I have some other articles written in English, tagged as #english. Use the search bar at the top to see them.

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2 Dec, 2018 11:33

Simple, dumb, but actually hilarious! I love it! Of course, perhaps you could also describe the bench a bit in detail or design? I'm curious if it's like a modern bench or with more rounded shapes.

2 Dec, 2018 13:28

I'm getting SCP vibes from this article! I do love urban legends, and this is a great little one - reminds me of the myths about Mew being behind a van in Pokémon, actually. Gets people to waste their time whilst thinking something will come of it. Wonderful.   You talk about how it's a social experiment - but by who? Was it the Eimaui Confederation who began the myth, or some simple artist spreading rumours? How many people visit it despite knowing it is false - is it particularly popular?   I'd also suggest maybe grabbing a picture for this article; Unsplash should have some great benches you can use. Would grab the attention of those looking at it and make THEM wonder about the specialness of said bench on a meta level ;)

2 Dec, 2018 16:15

Haha, I like it. There's literally a paper about this sort of thing. Humans will see miracles when we want to sometimes.   I love a bit of brain food in worlds, I'd love to see more ironic pieces of equipment like this.

2 Dec, 2018 19:08

I didn't even know "Bench" was a location type xD
I like this idea a lot. It tells us very clearly what kind of world you are building, without us knowing anything about the actual world at all.

2 Dec, 2018 19:34

Actually, this idea came to my mind when we discovered that "Bench" was a location type in a stream. We were like "what the udan who would write about a bench". So... yeah :D