People capable of making elemental magic are called Druids. However, when most people think about of Druids, they generally think of the Druidic communities in the Eirean Walls. Although from a biological perspective they don't differ from the rest of the world, they do have a very distinct culture and way of thinking. They consider nature the most important part of their lives at a very deep level.


Major language groups and dialects

Druidic is a unique language in Einya that can be sung but not spoken. All Druids in the communities learn to speak it fluently and, while there are many dialects and varieties of the language, it's the lingua franca of the Eirean Walls.

The fact that the language requires special training to be able to differentiate notes instead of sounds make many people think that it's a secret code. Nothing could be farther from the truth though, as Druidic is just another natural language that arose from the unique Druidic culture.

Shared customary codes and values

Druids are organized in communities. Each community is formed by a group of "houses" (see below) forming what could be considered a village. Inside the perimeter of this village, Druids go on with their normal lives. However, once they step out of the perimeter of the village, they step into what they call "Pristine Grounds", wild untamed nature. In the Pristine Grounds, one should avoid talking out loud, and Druidic Sign, Tactile Druidic or a sign language are the preferred methods of communication to avoid disturbing the spirits and creatures that live in it.   They feel profound respect towards nature. For them, respecting animals is not enough. Plans should be respected too, and even inanimate elements such as water or the ground. After all, everything is part of the biggest being that is Nature itself.


Beauty Ideals

Druids consider the attributes of the forests they live in to be something anyone considered "beautiful" should have. Dark brown hair ("Wooden hair", as they call it), forest green eyes and tanned skin are considered the most beautiful colors someone can have. They favor athletic body shapes regardless of gender.   As for personality, they like grounded people who consider both the past and the future but doesn't get too attached to them. They value sincerity, kindness, and selflessness. At a more deeper level, they appreciate people who are both flexible and strong-willed, who can get back up after a storm takes them down.

Gender Ideals

As most societies in Einya, they have, traditionally, two genders: men and women. However, they have a third smaller group who are considered to be genderless (but not a third gender). These people are similar to tribal shamans of Frasfu, as their task is communicating with collective and high spirits. This shaman-like people are considered to be "touched by the spirits" from birth and can't have partners nor children.

Relationship Ideals

Most Druids have a single partner at a time, be it married or not. They do not consider having a partner and children without marriage a taboo, as long as all parties involved in the relationship are happy with it. It's not uncommon to find Druids with more than one partner (generally not more than two), and it's not frowned upon as long as there's consent among all partners. In the same way, same-sex relationships are accepted.

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