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In the Kurfaya Hills near Halima, a halfling clan conceals a group of adventurers from the Accuser dogging their sorcerer, knowing that their discovery means death for their entire caravan. In Bursaan, a young elven pickpocket is saved from guards by two shadowy figures, but what they ask of her in return may prove more deadly than any guard. Deep within the bowels of a dust-filled ruin in the Gul-Ses desert, a secret expedition by the magisterium of Virona discovers an artifact of terrible power, one that may tip the Balance; if they can manage to pry it from the claws of the fiend bound to protect it.   There are many names for the world of Eidolon though many a forgotten. It is an ancient world on the cusp of change, though suffering from the deep wounds inflicted by a catastrophic war, and the resurgence of ancient magics. Intrigue, mystery, danger, and conflicting ideologies permeate daily life. Yet, apart from mortal conflicts, hidden powers conspire in the shadows to take advantage of unrest toward their ends.   These days are defined by the struggle between old and “new” magic and its place in society. For the Orphalesean Empire, magic is a divine tool to be used for the glory of their gods and sacrosanct to all but the most devoted. In their wondrous temples, the clerics of the NIRIM spirits work miracles of healing to those who prove their devotion, while the knights of the Yannasar direct holy fury upon the Empire’s enemies. In the Illyrian State, arcane magic is commonplace in the lives of magisters and common folk alike. Travel across vast distances is accomplished in the blink of an eye, magical constructs tend entire fields, and cities stretch upward to the clouds. But in this brave new world, the Cult of Orai has total control over who may learn these wondrous secrets.   Heroes, and villains, take many forms on the continent of Mihr. Though restricted, travel between the superpowers is possible, creating lucrative opportunities for adventurers to find fame, fortune, or refuge from the predicaments that are all too common in this world. Along the way to whatever end they seek, they will face many dangers from roving marauders to living demigods. As they find treasure, forgotten magic, and political favors, they will discover secrets that will confer a great advantage, but also threaten the uneasy peace millions have suffered to attain.   Eidolon is, at its core, a world where political intrigue and hidden interests influence all. The Schism nearly fifty years ago unleashed terrible wrath upon the continent of Mihr, though some may argue that decades of the cold war have left even deeper wounds. Ancient knowledge has been lost, new borders have split families, arcane bombardments have revealed forgotten crypts and vaults long buried, and the factions scramble to fill in the gaps between the superpowers. Crime and corruption flourish in this day and age, motivated by greed, fear, or even religious devotion. Centuries of mistreatment and subjugation by the Empire, and the State, have pushed the once-powerful elven houses into the shadows. Cults devoted to the Daevas, powerful demigod-like beings, work to empower their slumbering masters, while fiends of the Abyss encroach upon the mortal world. It would seem that there are plenty of opportunities in this world on the cusp of oblivion for ragtag adventurers to find both trouble and treasure.

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