The Pallid Children

The creation of the Pallid children

Sprawling out of the darkest corners of peoples imagination, the Pallid Children, were a creation of the Sepulcher, and the worshipers of his. The creation of the new Gods was inevitable, in opinion of the Reaper, as he had no answers to the prayers, he embued his children with a gift of Voice, and made them closer to people. But the closer his Pallid offsprings were, the darker the minds of the people became.   First shard was Enigma : the Deity of Void, Secrets, Mystery and Vengeance. Second shard was Sagren : the Deity of Reincanation, Repentance, Forgiveness and Empathy. Third shard was Arigard :the Deity of Mercykilling, Revenants, Selftorture and Suffering. Fourth shard was Pollux : the Deity of Stars, Cosmos, Ice and Solitude. The fifth and the last was Castor : th Deity of Pain, Murder, Assasins and Bloodshed.   As the reaper himself, his children came out grim and scary. but even so, people supported the saviour of their kind, and gave nothing but approval to his creations.



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