The Greylands: An overview of the lands of anarchy.

Where anarchy rules over all

" Come young ones, humour this old man and let me tell you more about the Greylands in general. Come sit, you look tired from your adventures of this day. Let me see, we shall give you a bit of an overview of whats in the Greylands, the land of Anarchy. "     On the continent of Eidemir there is a region called the Greylands, the land of anarchy. The Greylands is not a true kingdom but a set of loss city-states that in time of great need will work together. There are 10 major city-stated with several small fortified towns and villages, 4 major bodies of water plus the sea, and lastly 5 geological regions of importance. Below you will find all these areas listed as follows.     City-Staes:   1. Candleearth {pop. 15000} A town that holds it own in the Deep Marshlands of the north west of the Greylands 2. Verdel {pop. 23000} A city-state on the coast across the bay from Oakvale. The Evergreen city of Flowers and the most non-archaic of all the major city-states. 3. Saril {pop. 21000} A consistent mist shrouded city in the Northern reaches of the Greylands. 4. Murrow {pop. 27000} The mercenary city of the land. All manners sell-swords and spells for higher live and work here. 5. Caver {pop. 22500} A major port city to the Greylands and and beloved by pirates all. 6. Hallowstead {pop. 21000} A place were you never talk about what happens with in its walls unless you wish a eternal sleep. 7. Logan {pop. 23500} If ever a place were you want to pull the con of your life, this is the place within the city of charlatans. 8. Lawtaker Ring {pop. 22500} Be ever watchful here as this is the den of all crime, if you can think it it has or is happening at that moment here. 9. Razonpoint {pop. 20000} If ever there is the need to exile in the Greylands it is here they go. 10. Gallows Mound {pop. 37500} In these lands of anarchy there still needs to be a place of power, and this is the place. But it comes at a cost as this is the worst of the worst of the Greylands.     Major Bodies of water:   1. Lake Samson: One of the largest lakes of the Greylands surrounded by deep forest and marshes in the north. 2. Lake Kyril: The largest and deepest of all the lakes. Surrounded by plains with forest to the east and marshes to the west ends. 3. Lake Mori: Third largest and nicknamed the Lake of the Dead, its rivers connect to the Serpent's Sea via lake Aarn. 4. Lake Aarn: Fourth largest and the last of the inland major bodies of water, lake Mori draining into it and then out to the Serpent's Sea. 5. Ashen Shores: The coastline along the northern region of the Greylands starting from Razorpoint going north. 6. Serpent's Sea: The coastline going south and west of Razorpoint all the way to Verdel in the west.     Geological Regions:   1. Wine Wood: Just north of the city of Caver lies the Wine Woods, a forest where the leaves are always a wine colour. 2. Volthaunt Ridge: At the south side of the mountains south of Lake Kyril lies the Volthaunt Ridge where many of lives were lost because of the events in the Iron Shield. 3. Maw Bog: Covers the land west of Razorpoint is a boggy forest were many a people have lost their lives trying to get to the city. 4. Iron Shield: A huge granite desert in the central heartlands of the Greylands. A place were no one truly lives here unless you belong to the cities below it in the deep darkness of the under realm. 5. 500 Stone: Not know who or what laid these stones, but 500 stones mark the way up a hill for a 1000 feet paced every 2 feet in a row.. The Way of the Shadow monk clan trains their acolytes here.     " Now wait here and I'll get you some food and hot cider is by the fire as usual. then I shall tell you of the Iron Shield, The Granite desert and its people below. "


A mix of badlands, plains, forest, marsh/bogs and a granite desert.

Flora & Fauna

Mainly full of wolf packs , bears, deer and other animals this is truly a wild place. As for the plant life there are all variety of trees and wild grasses
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